N. B. It will be understood that the blank after the name of a street, is
put for street-thus, 16 Market, is 16 Market-street. "-Where two directions
are given, the first is the place of business; the last the place of residence.
The females inserted in this work are mostly heads of families; those
designated Mrs. are, with very few exceptions, widows.

Page 8~

ABBOT Mrs. 68 Broad Street
Abbot Thomas, constable, 444 North Main 
Aborn Benjamin, 69 Westminster, 59 Broad
Aborn Burrows, 59½
Aborn & Jackson, merchants, 69
Aborn James & Co. lumber merchants, Union
Aborn James, 1 Washington

Aborn John W. Union, 137 Westminster
Aborn Lowrey, 28 Weybosset

Aborn Mrs. Hannah, 44 South Main
Aborn Mrs Susan, 137 Westminster

Adams & Foster, manufacturers, 17 South Main
Adams Rev. Jasper, Professor in Brown University, 146 South Main
Adams Joel, house-carpenter, Angell
Adams Joseph, jun. distiller, 229 South Main

Adams Jonathan, 17 South Main, William
Adams Lowell, 59 Cheap
side, Richmond
Adams Nathaniel, 40 Broad
Adams Robert, fancy dyer, 433 North Main
Adams Samuel, rear of 71 Westminster
Adams Seth, commission merchant, 36 South Water
, 110 South Main
Adams Seth, jun. commission merchant, 56 South Water, Benevolent
Addison Benjamin, shoe-maker, 231
North Main
Adye Mrs. Aseneth, Cady's lane
AETNA  FIRE-INSURANCE COMPANY, over 4 Market (accidently omited in original 1824 dir.)
Ainsworth Luther, preceptor, 4 Market Square, Richmond (Luther moved from 4 Market Sq. to
         over 39 Market St. before the 1824 dir. was issued )

Albertson Mrs. Nancy, 15 Chestnut
Aldrich ________, toll gatherer, India Bridge
Aldrich Esek, rear of 4 Weybosset
Aldrich Misses Hannah & Priscilla, Hill
Alexander Henry, constable, 78 South Main
Alexander William H. accountant, 116 South Water, Ann

Page 9~
Alexander ______, portrait painter, 146 South Main
Allen Abel, Justice of Peace, Church
Allen Avery, shoemaker, 157 Westminster
Allen Benjamin, grocer, 3 and 94 Broad
Allen Caleb, machine maker, 118 North Main
Allen Miss Candace, Benevolent
Allen Crawford, commission merchant, 35 South Water,
Allen Daniel, painter, Stewart
Allen Miss E. millener, 95 and 118 North Main
Allen Ethan, shoemaker, 157 Westminster
Allen Gabriel, Post-Master, Richmond
Allen Herman B. mariner, Benevolent
Allen Isaac, jeweller, 47½ Cheapside
Allen Isaac B.,
jeweller, 319 North Main
Allen James, shoemaker, rear of 32 Pawtuxet
Allen Miss M. milliner, 60 Broad
Allen Mrs. 17 Chesnut
Allen Philip, cotton manufacturer, 104 and 147 North Main
Allen Rhodes, labourer, Walker
Allen Rhodes G. cabinet ware-rooms 117 and 119
Westminster, Job
Allen Samuel V. constable, 157 Westminster
Allen Mrs. Sarah, rear of 30 Pawtuxet
Allen William H. physician and surgeon, 197 North Main, rear of 149 North Main
Allen Zachariah, woolen manufacturer, 104 and 93 North
Allenton Roger, over 142½ North Main
Allin Mnason, [sic] grocer and inn keeper, 143 High
Almy Benjamin, labourer, John
Almy & Brown, manufacturers, 57 Cheapside
Almy Samson, 57 Cheapside, 75 Benefit
Ames Asa, powder store, 29 & 31 Weybosset
Ames Miss, preceptress, 84 Broad
Ames R. N. dry goods, 21 Cheapside, Pleasant
Ames Samuel, manufacturer, 117 South Main, William
Amsbury Daniel S. 238 North Main
Amsbury Israel, tailor, 130 and 238 North Main
Amsbury Jesse, tailor, 134 and 238 North Main
Anderson Ephraim, cabinet maker
Anderson Francis, ropemaker, Front
Andrews Mrs. 101 North Main, 115½ South Main
Andrews David, Long wharf, Friendship
Andrews John, manufacturer, Butlers wharf
Andrews John, bleacher, Sabin, 161 Westminster
Andrews, Joseph, mason, 56 High

Page 10~
Andrews William, mason, Benevolent
Angell Darius, butcher, market-house, High
Angell Dexter, grocer, Charles
Angell Emor, house-carpenter, 49 High
Angell Enos, house-carpenter, 339 North Main
Angell Fenner, butcher, Randall
Angell Isaac, house-carpenter, 264 North Main
Angell Job, butcher, Market-house, 85 High
Angell Job, 2d, dry goods, 3 and 89 Westminster
Angell John, truckman, Page
Angell Joseph, clerk, 3 Westminster, Charles
Angell Joseph, butcher, market-house, Cranston Street
Angell Joseph K. attorney, College street, 91 Benefit
Angell Nicholas, butcher, Market-House, 201 North Main
Angell Mrs. N. 91 Benefit
Angell Oliver, preceptor, 119 Benefit, 216 North Main
Angell Robert, grocer, 266 North Main, 24 Benefit
Angell Thomas, cooper, Friendship
Angell William, butcher, 118 North Main, Orms
Anger Mrs. 80 Broad
Annis Mrs. Amey, 297 North Main
Annis Charles,
297 North Main
Annis Olney, butcher, Orms
Anthony David, manufacturer, Anthony's wharf, Angell
Anthony Henry, 1 Weybosset, 66 South Main
Anthony Hezekiah, grocer, 9, 11 and 15 Weybosset
Anthony Hezekiah, hatter, Page
Anthony James 2d, shoe maker, 73 High, Tanyard
Anthony John, labourer, John
Anthony Joseph, grocer, 30 Weybosset, 66 South Main
Anthony William, blacksmith, Field
Anthony William A., Field
Aplin Miss Hannah, tailoress, 374 North Main
Aplin Stephen A. grocer, Wickenden
Aplin Stephen A. jun. grocer, 86 South Main, Wickenden
Aplin William, 3 South Main, over 162 South Main
Armington A. W. clerk, 101 Broad, 27 Pawtuxet
Armington James, cabinet maker, Benevolent
Armington Joseph, labourer, between Front & Hill
Arnold Aborn, house-carpenter, 121 Westminster
Arnold Ahab, manufacturer, 84 Westminster
Arnold Alfred, clerk, 178 North Main over 174 North Main
Arnold Amos, grocer, 178 North Main over 174 North Main
Arnold Anthony B. Peck's Wharf, 39 Westminster
Arnold Augustus, tailor, 50 Westminster, Middle

Page 11~
Arnold Mrs. B. Mill
Arnold Caleb, shoe store, 30 North Main, Pine
Arnold Christopher, Arnold
Arnold Daniel, flour store, 43 Weybosset, 11 High
Arnold David, toll gather central bridge
Arnold Elias, accountant, 104 North Main, Richmond
Arnold Elisha, mason, 79 High
Arnold George, grocer, 115 Broad, 140 Westminster
Arnold George C. dry goods, 43 and 88 Westminster
Arnold George R. 37 Market, cor. Pleasant and Middle
Arnold & Greene, commission merchants, 49 South Water
Arnold Isaac, merchant, Peck's wharf, Union
Arnold Israel, spar maker, 167 South Main
Arnold James, accountant, 141 Westminster
Arnold James U. manufacturer, 86 and 88 Westminster
Arnold John, painter, 224 South Main
Arnold Joseph, mariner, 79 High
Arnold Samuel H. 49 South Water, Aborn
Arnold Mrs. Mary, Transit
Arnold Mrs. Dorrance
Arnold Nehemiah, 141 Westminster
Arnold Richard J. merchant, 26 South Water, 100 South Main
Arnold S. & A. B. merchants, Peck's wharf.
Arnold Salmon A. physician and surgeon, Pleasant and
Arnold Samuel, manufacturer, 25 SouthWater, 133 North Main
Arnold Samuel G. merchant, 26 South Water, William
Arnold Seth, mariner, rear of 109 Broad
Arnold Shubael F. shoemaker, rear of 136 North Main
Arnold Simeon, house-carpenter, Stewart
Arnold Stephen, merchant, Peck's wharf, 22 High
Arnold Mrs. Waity, Middle
Arnold William, 84 Westminster
Arnold William, mariner, 183 South Main
Arnold William, cooper, Charles
Arnold William U., 2 South Water, 7 Weybosset
Arnold William W. house-carpenter, Stewart
Ashley Joseph, grocer, 44 and 46 Weybosset
Ashton Mrs. 58 Weybosset
Ashton Joshua, mariner, South
Ashton Samuel, shoemaker, 118 South Main, William
Ashton William, sail-maker, over 91 South Water, 196
Atkins Elisha, preceptor, 5th dis. public school, Stewart
Atwell Mrs. 60 Weybosset
Atwell Mrs. Polly, Star
Atwell Samuel Y., a
ttorney, 3 South Main, 216 Benefit

Page 12~
Atwood John, caulker, South
Atwood Mrs. Freelove, 31 High
Austin Mrs. Sarah, Clifford
Aylman John, house-carpenter, 54 South Main

Babbitt Benjamin, house-carpenter, North Water, Benefit
Babcock Robert, 218 South Main
Babcock John W. house-carpenter, Mathewson, 68 Wey
Babcock Latham, house-carpenter, Friendship
Babson George, 68 Broad
Babson James, bookbinder, 68 Broad
Babson John, 68 Broad
Bachelder Origen, usher 1st dis. public school, 364 North Main
Bachelder Warren, road-maker, 364 North Main
Bacon Joshua, baker, Randall
Bacon Mrs. Mary, 94 Westminster
Bacon Mrs. Naomi, Arnold
Bacon William, baker, Cranston street
Bailey James, mariner 159 South Main
Bailey Martin, grocer, 170 and 159 South Main
Bailey Pabodie, house-carpenter, Sheldon
Baker Caleb, 86 High

Baker Rev. Luther,
58 High
Baker Moses, 84 High
Baker George, watchmaker and jewelry, 61 Cheapside,
Baker Richard, labourer, Sabin, 89 Broad
Baker Seth, house-carpenter, 74 High
Baker William, Ship
Balch Caleb G. usher 2d dis. pub. school, 88 Westminster
Balch John R. accountant, 1 Westminster, Church
Balch Joseph, 22 George
Balch Joseph, jun. druggist, 38 and 169 South Main
Balch Miss Mary, boarding school, 22 George
Ball Jonah, labourer, rear of 95 North Main
Ballou William, butcher, Charles
Barber Stephen, shoemaker, 100 Broad
Barker Cyrus, 41 Weybosset, 42 Chesnut
Barker Gideon, house-carpenter, John
Barker Hiram, clerk, 41 Weybosset, 34 Chesnut
Barker Isaac F. shoemaker, rear of 76 Westminster
Barker Mrs. Marcy, rear of 76 Westminster
Barker William C. tailor; 107 and 103 South Main
Barker Simeon, house-carpenter, Transit
Barker Mrs. D. L. 33 Benefit

Barnes James, shoe store, 1 Broad, Middle
Barnett James, labourer, 143 South Main
Barney Cromwell, blacksmith, Power, William
Barney Mrs. Experience, 115 Westminster
Barney Israel, labourer, Hill
Barney Israel, jun.,
labourer, Hill
Barrett Jeremiah S. 74 Westminster
Barrows Thomas M. physician and surgeon, 155 North Main
Barstow Nathaniel, house-carpenter, 34 Pawtuxet
Barstow Samuel, laborer, North shore of cove
Bartlett Israel, turner, 116 Westminster
Bartlett Moses H. house-carpenter, between Front and
Barton David, grocer, 36 and 34 Market
Barton Henry, dry goods, 21 and 140 Westminster
Barton John, rear
of High
Barton John B. Custom-house officer, 71 and 28 South Main
Barton John, jun. variety store, 225 High
Barton Mrs. 172 High
Barton Mrs. 28 South Main
Bassett Luther, shoemaker, 33 Pawtuxet
Bassett Masa, gold and silver refiner and nursery-man, corner of Field and Elm
Bates M. G. C. accountant, 19 South Main, 72 Broad
Bates Reuben, house-carpenter, 76 High
Bates Varnum J. grocer, 79 South Main, Meeting
Battey Angell, house-carpenter, corner of Field & South
Battey Benjamin B. house-carpenter, corner of Richmond
and Ship
Battey Henry A. house-carpenter, Ship
Baxter David, mariner, Transit
Beazeley Edward, porter, 9 Broad
Beazley John, town-crier, Charles
Bebee Stanton, jeweler, 73 North Main, 66 Benefit
Beckwith & Pearson, commission merchants,17 South Water
Beckwith Truman, 17 South Water, 32 South Main
Beedle Daniel C. house-carpenter, Field
Beers Stephen, laborer, Hill
Belcher Joseph, 11 Pawtuxet
BELFONT MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Hydraulion (entry received late)
Belknap Elisha, hatter, 106 High
Benjamin Mrs. Hannah, Union
Bennet Abraham, clerk., 188 and 115 North Main
Benson George, Angell
Benson Samuel, shoemaker, North shore of cove
Benson William P. R. house-carpenter, North Water,
Bentley Christopher, shoe maker, John

Page 14~
Bentley Mrs. Lydia, grocery, Transit
Beverly George, butcher, 9 Broad
Beverly Gideon, Middle
Beverly Henry, 6 High
Beverly Richard, house-carpenter, Friendship
Beverly Stephen, grocer, 9 High
Beverly Stephen, jun. house-carpenter, Mathewson, 8 High
Bigelow Mrs. Polly, 184½ South Main
Bigford Joseph, laborer, North shore of cove
Billings Mrs. Amey, 260 North Main
Billings Alpheus, sheriff, 39 Market, Friendship
Billings Alpheus C. Friendship
Billings Edward, house-carpenter,
74 Chestnut
Billings E. R. 49 Westminster, corner of Washington &
Billings James, stabler, Hydraulion
Billings Samuel W. tobacconist, 7 South Water, John (Samuel moved
     from 7 South Water to 35 South Main before this directory is completed)
Billings William, 28 Pawtuxet
Billings William, jun. 28
Bingham Wm.T.tailor, 10 Market Square cor. Richmond & Pine
Bishop George, coachman, 77 Benefit
Bishop James E. corner of Benefit and Wickenden
Bishop John J. barkeeper, Charles
Bishop Lemuel, carter, Smith
Bishop Nathaniel, mariner, 162 Benefit
Bishop Trueman, rope maker, rear of 30 Pawtuxet
Bisten John H. mariner, corner of Field & South
Black Alexander, patent lamp maker, Field
BLACKSTONE COMPANY'S warehouse, 23 Weybosset
Blake Horatio, hotel, corner College street and Market
Blake Judson, cabinet maker, President, Angell
Blake Stillman, grocer, 116 North Main, Angell
Blanding Shubael, clothing store, 60 South Water, 67
South Main
Blanding W. M. & W. grocers, 91 South Water
Blanding Wheeler M. 91 South Water, James
Blanding William, 
91 South Water, James
Blinn James M. mariner, corner of Thayer and John
Blinn Miss Sarah, Arnold
Bliss Otis, whee1wright, 396 North Main
Bliven Mrs. Sophia, Union
Blodget Leonard, mason, 245 North Main
Blodget William, commission merchant, 19 SouthWater,
Bolles David, stone-cutter, Hydraulion, 52 Westminster
Boorum Mrs. Betsey, 68 Benefit
Borden & Arnold, garocers, 2 South Water
Borden Jefferson, agent, 10 South Water, 37 Weybosset

Page 15~
Boss Jeremiah, house-carpenter, 49 High
Bosseaux John, professor of dancing, 25 South Main
Bosworth Asa, Peck's Wharf, 124 Broad
Bosworth Ezekiel B. labourer, Hill
Bosworth Lewis, shoemaker, 15 and 84 Broad
Bosworth Mrs. 84 Broad
Bosworth Mrs. Sarah, Claverick
Bosworth Smith, agent D. B. & C. Com. Sabin
Bowen Andrus, gunsmith, corner of Charles and Orms
Bowen Clovis H., grocer, 42 and 65 North Main
(entry received late)
Bowen Esek, dyer, Charles
Bowen George, commission merchant, 3 West Water, 103
Bowen , George W. grocer, 183 and 253 North Main
Bowen Henry, Secretary of State, Court-house, John
Bowen Henry, comb maker, 152 Benefit, 175 South Main
Bowen Mrs. Henrietta, preceptress, 164 Benefit
Bowen Horatio G. 14 George
Bowen Isaac, mariner, 103 South Main
Bowen Mrs. rear of Field
Bowen Miss Polly, 12 George
Bowen Misses Mary and Betsey, boarding house, 146
South Main
Bowen Reuben, labourer, Sabin
Bowen Reuben, mariner, Page
Bowen Robert, grocer, 171 High
Bowen Thomas, labourer, 157 Westminster
Bowen William, physician and surgeon, corner of College
and South Main
Bower Samuel J. sign painter, Orange, 103 Broad
Bowers John L. commission merchant, 3 West Water
Bowers Lloyd, mariner, 197 South Main
Bowers Sylvester, constable, 135 High
Bowers William A. mariner, over 43 High
Bowler Charles L. accountant, 48 and 44 South Main
Bowler Cornelius G. mariner, 42 Benefit
Bowler Mrs. Lydia, 57 Chestnut
Bowler M. millener and mantua-maker, 85 Westminster
Boyd Misses Elizabeth & Phebe, 67 Benefit
Boyd Samuel, baker, rear of 70 Broad
Bradford George H. house-carpenter, Steeple, Meeting
Bradford Joseph, grocer, 57 South Main
Bradford Stephen H. house-carpenter, Smith
Bradford Mrs. Susannah, Smith
Bradford William, upholsterer, 152 Westminster, 131
Bradford William B. grocer, 8 North Water, 171 North Main
Bradley William, dentist, 81 Benefit
Bradley William, grocer, 246 South Main

Bradt Anthony, tobacconist, 7 South Water, 72 South Main
Bragg Mrs. Mary, Transit
Bragg Wheaton, house carpenter, 62 George
Branch Aaron, house-carpenter, Mill

Branch Mrs. Lydia. 41 Pawtuxet
Branch Mrs. Matilda, 47 George
Branch Mrs. Rhoda, 17 Pawtuxet
Branch Stephen, justice of peace, 39 Market, Field
Branch William, saddler, 77 High

Brainerd Austin, physician and surgeon, 9 Cheapside, Thayer
Brattle James, mariner, 157 Westminster

Brayton Daniel, grocer, Mill
Brewer Cyrus, house-carpenter, 228 North Main
Brewer John, bookstore, 5 Market Square, 40 High
Brewer Simeon, hat store, 3 Market Square, 150 Westminster
Brickley Henry, shoemaker, 30 South Main, foot of Union
Brickley Henry, jun. shoemaker, 30 South Main, foot of Union
Bridgham. Samuel W. attorney, North Court
Briggs Amos, merchant tailor, 9 Market, Aborn
Briggs Avery, blacksmith, Cranston

Briggs Ebenezer, house-carpenter, Peck's wharf, Ship
Briggs Eliakim, clothier, 282 North Main

Briggs Eliakim & Co. house-carpenters, North Water, 282 North Main
Briggs Enos, labourer, Martin
Briggs Miss Hannah, mantua-maker, 64 and 47 Westminster
Briggs Joseph, mariner, Transit
Briggs Mrs. 225 South Main
Briggs Miss Sallie, milliner, 64 and 47 Westminster
Briggs Thomas, blacksmith, Cranston
Brown Rev. Allen, rear of Planet
Brown Allen, labourer, Front
Brown Mrs. Amey, 358 North Main
Brown Ansel, mason, 296 North Main
Brown Benedict, jun. cooper, rear of 24 Weybosset
Brown Cushing, Charles (entry received late)
Brown & Danforth, publishers of Gazette, 3 South Main
Brown Mrs. Dorcas, Thomas

Brown Ebenezer P. cutler, 80 North Main, Charles
Brown George, mariner, over 154 South Main

Brown George C. blacksmith, Peck's wharf, 68 Weybosset
Brown Henry, in the Neck

Brown Hugh H. junior editor of Gazette, 3 South Main, cor. Pine & Potter
Brown Isaac, 14 South Water, 31 South Main
Brown Isaac G. house-carpenter, Sheldon.
Brown & Ives, merchants, over 36 South Main

Page 17~
Brown James, Power
Brown James, house-carpenter, Eddy
Brown James, cigar maker, 106 High
Brown John, machine maker, 215 High

Brown John, boarding house, over 82 South Main
Brown John C. 189 Benefit
Brown John S  cabinet-maker, 115½ South Main, Pine
Brown Joseph C. house-carpenter, Fox Point, 220 Benefit
Brown Mrs. Lydia, rear of Planet

Brown Misses Lydia & Sally, boarding house, 178 South
Brown Miss Margaret, mantua-maker, Orange, 37 Weybosset
Brown Moses, Angell
Brown Mrs. 47 George
Brown Nicholas, over 36 South Main, 189 Benefit
Brown Nicholas, jun., 189 Benefit
Brown Pardon, labourer, 254 North Main
Brown Riley, house-carpenter, 212 Benefit, Transit
Brown Samuel, naval officer of the port, 11 South Main, 46 Benefit
Brown Samuel E. painter, 150 North Main, 46 Benefit
Brown Stephen, house-carpenter, 121 Broad
Brown Thomas, Aborn
Brown William, clerk, 13 Cheapside, 47 George
Brown Whipple, mariner, Planet
Brown Zebedee, mariner, 217 South Main
Brownell Isaac, boarding house, 5 Westminster
Brownell P. & R. physicians and surgeons,
rear 35 Westminster
Brownell Pardon, rear 35 Westminster
Brownell Peter, clerk, 6 Market Square, Cranston
Brownell Richmond, rear of 35 and 9 Westminster
Brownell Sylvester, 31 Broad
Brownell Thomas, mariner, Federal
Brownell Thomas, ship-carpenter, 69 Chesnut
Bucklin George, grocer, 126 South Main, Arnold
Bucklin James, house-carpenter, over 22 Market
Bucklin Samuel, harness-maker, 4 and 127 North Main
Bucklin Thomas, clerk, 122 South Water, George
Bucklin William. barber, 124 South Main, Arnold
Budlong Job, surveyor of lumber, Fox Point
Budlong William, house-carpenter, corner Front & East
Buffington Alfred,
house-carpenter, North Water, 196 South Main
Buffington Horace, clerk, 20 South Water, 10 Westminster
Bugbee J. H. teacher of writing, 59 Market
Bullard Isaac, leather dresser, North Water
Bullock Mrs. Mary, 126 Westminster

Page 18~
Bullock Richmond, merchant, 139 and 128 South Main
Bump Nathan W. yeoman, Harrington's lane
Bump Nathaniel, meal dealer, 139 North Main
Bump Wanton, Smith
Burdick Mrs. 189 South Main
Burdon Reuben, cabinet-ware house, 60 Westminster,
Burgess Amory, stone-cutter, rear 30 Pawtuxet
Burgess Mrs. Eunice, Stewart
Burgess Thomas, attorney, College, Pleasant
Burges Tristam, 26 North Main, Planet
Burges Tristam & Son, attornies,
26 North Main, Planet
Burges Welcome A., 26 North Main, Planet
Burk Burrows A. corner of Chesnut and Field
Burk Chace, labourer, Union
Burk Miss Rebecca, tailoress, 6 Westminster
Burk Richard, house-carpenter, corner Chesnut & Elm
Burnton Thomas H., book-binder, 16 Westminster, 77 Weybosset
Burr Christopher, jeweller, 73 North Main, 42 Westminster
Burr David, drayman, Stampers
Burr Ezekiel, jeweller, 5 Benefit
Burr George, blacksmith, 110 Broad
Burr Henry L. saddler, 107 North Main, 54 Benefit
Burr James, saddler and harness-maker,
107 North Main, 54 Benefit
Burr John, auctioneer, 3 North Water, Meeting
Burr Joshua, 273 North Main
Burr Martin, labourer, Power
Burr Stephen, clerk, Fox Point, 240 North Main
Burr William W. ship-joiner, 247 North Main
Burrill George M. clerk, 102 and 47 Westminster
Burrill James, tin plate worker, Orange, 52 Westminster
Burrough Misses Elizabeth and Sarah, 193 South Main
Burrough John, pilot, John
Burrough James, custom-house officer, Power
Burrough Robert,
custom-house officer, Cooke
Burrough Mrs. Sylvania, 193 South Main
Burroughs Mrs. Harriet, foot of Union
Burrows Benjamin, house-carpenter, 109 Pawtuxet
Burrows Edward,
house-carpenter, 102 Pawtuxet
Burrows John R. house-carpenter,100 Pawtuxet
Burrows Joseph, house-carpenter, 102 Pawtuxet
Burt David, painter, 208 North Main
Burton Rufus, machine-maker, Bark, Charles
Bushee Consider, labourer, 225 South Main
Bushee Luther, house-carpenter, Transit

Page 19~
Bushee Silvanus, house-carpenter, Transit
Buswell Jason, silversmith, North Court, 77 Benefit
Butler Abner, truckman, rear of 187 North Main
Butler Cyrus, merchant, 38 and 45 Weybosset
Butler Mrs. Elizabeth, 62 Weybosset
Butler Joseph, 141 Broad
Butler Samuel & Son, merchants, 38 Weybosset
Butler Thomas, labourer, 302 North Main
Butler William & Co. merchants, 23 Weybosset
Butts Isaac, clerk, 10 Market Square, 94 High
Butts James E. dry goods, 9 Market Square, 94 High
Butts James P. rope maker, Coles
Butts Samuel W. tailor, 10 Market Square, 67 High
Butts Seth, rope-maker, 157 Westminster
Byers Charles, clerk, 45 Westminster, 60 Weybosset