1824 Providence City Directory - "CDE"

Page 19~

Cady Calvin, labourer, Walker
Cady David, merchant, 27 Weybosset, 116 Westminster
Cady Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 111 Broad
Cady Isaac H. clerk, 23 Cheapside, Pine
Cady Jonathan. house-carpenter, Richmond
Cady Jonathan, shoemaker, Cady's lane
Cady Joseph, steward of College, 31 George
Cady Joseph H. labourer, rear 95 North Main
Cady Josiah, shoemaker, 14 Broad, Pine
Cady Lyman, victualler, 13 Market Square, 52 Weybosset
Cady Milton, cabinet-maker, Mill
Calder Alexander, tailor, 143 Broad, Pond
Calder Miss Anne, young ladies' academy, 29 Market
Calder John, copper-founder, over 116 South Main
Calder William, pewterer, 166 North Main
Capron Mrs. tailoress, 13 Broad
Carder George W. hostler, 168 High
Carder William, labourer, Transit
Carey Mrs. Susan, 187 South Main
Carlile Edward, clerk, 4 Market, 16 George
Carlile John, cabinet-maker, 93 South Main, 16 George
Carlile John and Samuel, lumber, rear of 113 South Main
Carlile Samuel,
lumber, rear of 113 South Main, William
Carlile Rev. Thomas, East
Carpenter Augustus, mariner, Ann
Carpenter Calvin, house-carpenter, Stampers
Carpenter Earle, grocer, under Market- house, Mathewson
Carpenter Ezekiel, painter, 344 and 340 North Main

Page 20~
Carpenter George L. house-carpenter, 234 South Main
Carpenter George W. grocer, 190 and 233 North Main
Carpenter & Hodges, merchants, 113 South Water, Arnold
Carpenter Hosea, house-carpenter, 233 North Main
Carpenter Job, grocer, 20 Market, 83 Westminster
Carpenter John R. dry goods, 37 Cheapside, 125 Broad
Carpenter Mrs Martha, 13 George
Carpenter Mrs. Mary, Field 
(entry received late)
Carpenter Newton, clerk, 11 South Water, 29 Broad
Carpenter Oliver, glazier, 92 Westminster
Carpenter Peter, 113 South Water, Arnold
Carpenter Samuel, labourer, 195 High
Carpenter Thomas F. attorney, 3 Weybosset, Clifford
Carpenter William W. shoemaker, 254 North Main
Carr Samuel, dry goods, 37 Westminster, Olney's lane.
Carr Stephen, printer, 12 Market Square, 80 Broad
Carrington Edward, 122 South Water, Williams
Carrington Edward & Co. merchants, 122 South Water
Cartee Mrs. S. boarding-house, 10 Westminster
Carter Crawford, accountant, Meeting
Carter Leonard, iron moulder, Eddy
Carver John G. hatter, Peck's wharf, over 82 South Main
Casey John W. clerk, 20 South Water, 47 Westminster
Cassada Barney, labourer, Sabin
Cassedy John, labourer, Wickenden
Cathier Louis, weaver, Abbot
Chace Caleb, chaise and wagon-maker, 396 North Main
Chace Daniel, labourer, Elm
Chace Daniel, carpenter, rear of 21 Westminster
Chace Isaac, baker, North Water
Chace John, blacksmith, Eddy, cor. Point and Parsonage
Chace John B. grocer, 5 South Main, President
Chace Mrs. Mary, 236 Benefit
Chace Mrs. over 306 North Main
Chace Mrs. Prudence, over 72 South Main
Chace Otis, blacksmith, Benefit, Meeting
Chace Samuel, house-carpenter, Thurber's lane
Chace Solomon, mason, Point
Chace Thomas, morocco dresser, North Water, 72 Broad
Chace William, morocco dresser, 5 Weybosset, Aborn
Chace William W. house- carpenter, Sexton
Chafee Mrs. Nancy, Transit
Chafee Zachariah, mason, 101 Broad, 27 Pawtuxet
Chamberlain Wilson, silversmith, Charles

Page 21~
Chamberlin & Healy, grocers, 23 Broad
Chambers James, mariner, Ship
Chambers James, rigger, Sugar lane
Chandler Mrs. Elizabeth, 183 South Main
Chandler R. & E. merchants, 10 Weybosset
Chandler Stockbridge, ship carpenter, Eddy
Chappell William, rigger, Planet
Chapin Amory, 14 Weybosset, Aborn
Chapin Josiah & Co. 14 Weybosset, 130 Westminster
Chase Asa, house-carpenter, Clemence
Chase Jesse, comb-maker, 152 Benefit, 196 South Main
Chapin L. D. music store, 48 and 145, Westminster
Chedel John, grocer, 43 High
Cheever Daniel, dry goods, 15 and 46 Westminster
CHEPACHET MANUFACTURING COMPANY, 49 South Water  ( accidently omitted originally)
Chester Sarah, rear of 136 North Main
Chickering Mrs. Mary, 214 Benefit
Chickering Samuel, 118 Benefit, 53 Weybossot
Child Gardiner, 91½ South Main
Child Griffin, grocer, 28 Market Square cor. Richmond and Pine
Child Henry, jeweller, Hydraulion, 31 Pawtuxet
Child Henry, caulker, Field
Child Jeremiah,
caulker, Field
Child John, ship-carpenter, corner of Field and South
Childs Jonas, grocer, 148 High
Church Gamaliel, 2 South Water, over 15 Market
Church John, house-carpenter, John
Church Nathaniel, blacksmith, Transit
Church & Sweet, house-carpenters, rear of 111 South Main
Church William, merchant, 112 South Water, Benevolent
Clafflin Orin, comb maker, 152 Benefit, Benevolent
Clafflin Paschal C.,
comb maker, 152 Benefit, Benevolent
Clapp Mrs. Deborah, Transit
Clapp Mrs. Mary, Sugar lane
Clapp Russell, shoemaker, 34 North Main, 141 South Main
Clapp Waterman,
shoemaker, 4 Market Square, John
Clarke Ambrose, 100 North Main
Clarke Chester, cabinet-maker, Union, 111 Westminster
Clarke Chester D. 68 Broad
Clarke George G. jewelry, 27 Cheapside, 22 Broad
Clarke Jabez, coachman, 118 Benefit, College
Clarke Jesse, 58 Weybosset, 67 Pawtuxet
Clarke Mrs. Lydia, 358 North Main
Clarke Mrs. Fox Point
Clarke Mrs. 86 High

Page 22~
Clarke Mrs. Martha, rear of 66 Broad
Clarke Pardon, 58 Weybosset, 73 Chesnut
Clarke Parker, mariner, Pine
Clarke P. & J. painters, 58 Weybosset
Clarke Miss S. preceptress, 113 Broad
Clarke Samuel, painter, 69 Pawtuxet
Clarke Sterry, inn-keeper, over 92 North Main
Clarke Thomas, grocer, 55 Broad
Clarke Thomas J. 78 North Main, Richmond
Clarke Thomas P. painter, 113 Broad
Clarke T. J. & W. E. painters, 78 North Main  ( copartnership ends before this
     directory is finished; business to continue under Wm. E. Clarke, 78 North Main )
Clarke William E. 78 North Main, 113 Broad
Clarke Weeden, machine-maker, Bark, Charles
Cleaveland Cyrus, cabinet-maker, 245 North Main
Cleaveland David, labourer, 254 North Main
Clements R. colourer, 159 North Main
Clemmons John, tailor, 50 Westminster, Middle
Clifford Benjamin, merchant, 119 South Main, 208 Benefit
Clifford Benjamin, jun.
208 Benefit
Coaster Joseph, labourer, between Front and Hill
Cockins John, domestic carpet weaver,134 and rear 91 South
Codding Elijah, house-carpenter, 176 High
Codding Henry,
house-carpenter, 176 High
Coddington Edward, printer, 3 South Main, 53½ Westminster
Coggeshall C, shoemaker, 161 South Main, Transit
Coggeshall Henry,
shoemaker, 80 South Main, 121 Broad
Cole David, mason, Pine
Cole Benjamin, truckman, 110 Broad
Cole Mrs. Catherine, Wickenden
Cole James, sail-maker, over 103 South Water
Cole Joseph, cabinet-maker, Union
Cole Nathan C. 11 Pawtuxet
Cole Mrs. Susannah, Transit
Coleman John, Sheldon
Coleman Stephen G., 94 South Water, Sheldon
Coleman Walter,
94 South Water, Sheldon
Coleman Walter & Sons, block and pump makers, 94 South Water
Coleman William, 94 South Water, Sheldon
Coles Thomas, collector of customs, 71 South Main, 124
Colleges, head of College
Collier Isaac W. cabinet-maker, President
Collins J. grocer, 101 South Main
Collins Philip, butcher, Market-House, 237 High

Page 23~
Collins William A. truckman, Page
Colon Peter W. chair store, 43 South Main, 62 George
Comstock Mrs. Ann, 129 South Main

Comstock Benjamin, grocer, 172 North Main
Comstock Ephraim, mariner, 201 North Main
Comstock Mrs. Sally, millener, rear of 172 North Main
Comstock William, Capt. of steam-boat Fulton, 129 South
Condy Henry A. accountant, 31 Chesnut
Condy Thomas H.
31 Chesnut
Congdon Arnold, corner of Angell and Congdon
Congdon Caleb, 36 North Main, corner of Angell and Congdon
Congdon Edward, clerk, 35 North Main, 47 Westminster
Congdon J. & Son, hardware, 36 North Main, cor. of Angell and Congdon
Congdon Mrs. over 160 South Main
Congdon Congdon Samuel, clerk, 16 South Water
Congdon Welcome, 36 North Main, cor. of Angell and Congdon
Congdon William labourer, over 160 South Main
Converse Mrs. Sally, 399 North Main
Cook Caleb C. cabinet-maker, over 6 North Water, Clemence
Cook Christopher, laborer, 338 North Main
Cook Otis, 116 Broad
Cook Seth, wheelwright, 16 Pawtuxet
Cook Mrs. Susan, 29 George
Cook Mrs. T. 67 South Main
Cooke Benoni mariner, 14 South Water, Hopkins
Cooke & Brown, merchants, 14 South Water
Cooke Daniel, mariner, Prospect
Cooke Jeremiah, mariner, Prospect
Cooke John, Prospect
Cooke Joseph S. cotton manufacturer, 123 South Main, Power
Cooke Nicholas, Prospect

Cooley Franklin, stone-cutter, Peck's wharf, corner of
Friendship & Richmond
Cooney John F, 118 and 123 Benefit
Cooper Allen, sail-maker, Butler's wharf, Mathewson
Cornell Benjamin, house-carpenter, 3 Pawtuxet
Cornell Jeremiah, butcher, Charles
Corp Mrs. Amey, 374 North Main
Corp Thomas, mariner, Walker
Cory Caleb, cooper, 161 Westminster
Cory Hassard, currier, Charles
Cory Mrs. Phebe, 180 Benefit
Cory Robert G. baker, 44 High

Cory Sylvester R. tailor, 9 Market, 5 Westminster
Cory Thomas, dyer, Sabin, Clemence
Cory Thomas, baker, 44 High

Page 24~
store, 25 South,
Coville Mrs. E. mantua-maker, 54 Westminster
Coville Ziba, labourer, 249 North Main
Cowell Benjamin, attorney Clerk U. S. Cir. Court, Market Square,
Charles Field
Cowing Joseph, com'n merchant, 33 Market, Richmond
Cowing Ward, Richmond
Coy Mrs. Lydia, 60 South Main
Cozzens Benjamin, attorney, 26 North Main, 81 Benefit
Cozzens Charles W. house-carpenter, Neck
Cozzens Mrs. Mary, 358 North Main
Cozzens Miss Polly, 7 Benefit
Craft Mrs. 73 Broad
Crandall Benjamin, silversmith, Charles, Bark
Crandall John, mariner, 83 Pawtuxet
Crandall Mrs Mary, 18 Benefit
Crandall Wiliiam W. brass-founder, 18 and over 1 Broad
Cranston Barzillai, printer, American office, Dorrance
Cranston Mrs. Elizabeth, rear of Field
Cranston Mrs. Sarah, boarding-bouse, over 76 South Main
Cranston Thomas, caulker, rear of Field
Crapo Philip, attorney, 3 Weybosset, 3 Washington
Crapo Samuel A.,
attorney, 3 Weybosset, 3 Washington
Crapon Mrs. Ann, Transit
Crapon Daniel, Sexton, 106 Broad
Crapon Mrs. Hannah, 99 Broad
Crapon Thomas, bleacher, John, 10 Chesnut
Creighton John O. of the navy, Prospect
Croade Robert, distiller, 239 South Main, 81 Benefit
Crocker Rev. Nathan B. 124 North Main
Cross Samuel, mariner, Planet
Crow Mrs. boarding-house, 37 Weybosset
Crowley John, labourer, rear of John
Culverson Mrs. 161 High
(entry received late)
Cunliff Joseph, cotton manufacturer, 385 North Main, Nash's lane
Cunliff J. & Co. manufacturer weavers' pickers, 387 North Main
Currie Samuel, mariner, 263 North Main
Curtis Benjamin C. mariner, 380 North Main
Curtis George, cashier of Exchange Bank, William
Curtis Henry, victualling cellar, under 6 Market Square
Curtis Jared, constable, Pine
Curtis John, labourer, 105 Pawtuxet
Curtis John, shoemaker, 126 and 158 North Main
Curtis Moses, preceptor, Ist dist.public school, 267 North
Curtis Mrs Susan, Orange
Curtis Thaddeus & Co. brush-makers, 42 Weybosset,
116 Westminster
Curtis Daniel, mason, 68 Broad

Page 25~
Cushing Daniel C. dealer in lumber, 12 West, Cushing
Cushing Henry, paper hangings, 68 Westminster, Aborn
CUSTOM HOUSE, 71 South Main
Cutler Perly, labourer, Burr's lane
Cutter Miss Betsey, 121 High
Cutting William E. jeweller, North Court

Daggett Abner, grocer, 12 North Main, 51 Benefit
Daggett Mrs. Ann, seamstress, Sheldon
Daggett Mrs. Caroline, Transit
Daggett Miss Amelia, Smith
Daggett Nathan, mariner, 220 Benefit
Daggett Mrs. Polly, Transit
Dailey Daniel, mariner, Front
Damon Urias, harness-maker, 17½ Westminster
Dana George, circulating library, &c. 29 Market, Transit
Dana John W. blacksmith, Plane
Dana Payton, watch-maker, 29 Market, Friendship
Danforth Job, 53½ Westminster
Danforth Ozias, grocer, 46 South Water, 69 Chesnut
Danforth Walter R. attorney, 3 South Main, 53½ Westminster
Daniels Peter, tanner, 463 and 459 North Main
Darling John, brush-maker, 42 Weybosset, 63 High
Darling Ziba, butcher, market-bouse, 63 High
Darrah John, labourer, Sabin, Federal
Davenport Miss Elizabeth, tailoress, Field
Davenport Gideon, grocer, 87 and over 77 South Main
Davenport Philip, 17 Market Square
Davenport Mrs. Susan, Transit
Davis Abraham, trader, 122 South Main 
( accidently omitted originally )
Davis Miss, millener, 103 North Main
Davis Mrs. Amey, 196 South Main
Davis & Babbitt, jewellers, 47½ Cheapside, Star
Davis Mrs. Eliza, Wickenden
Davis George K. jeweller, 109 North Main, Church
Davis Henry, mariner, Page
Davis John, ship-carpenter, Eddy
Davis John W.,
grocer, 41 Chesnut
Davis Joseph, ship-carpenter, Eddy
Davis & Ray, dressers of clothing, 66 South Main
Davis Mrs. Sarah, Mathewson
Davis Sturges, 47½ Cheapside, Star
Davis Thomas, brewer, 61 Pawtaxet
Dawless Young S. tailor, 13 Market Square, corner
Thayer and John
Dawley Nicholas, house-carpenter, Dorrance, Pine

Page 26~
Dawley Peleg, mason, Eddy
Dawley William, ship-carpenter, Eddy
Day Ebenezer S. grocer, 81 and 67 Broad

Dean Calvin, tanner and currier, 60 and 92 High
Dean David, blacksmith, Planet

Dean Mrs. Fanny, Coles
Dean James, Pine
Dean Simon, blacksmith, 145 Benefit, 8 George
Dennis Joseph L. mariner, 67 Pawtuxet
Dennis Major, yeoman, 302 North Main
Dennison Charles, accountant, 122 South Water
DeNoielle Peter, cabinet-maker, 115½ and over 61 South Main
Dervis John, weaver, 332 North Main
Develin Henry, weaver, 400 North Main
Develin Patrick, weaver, 400 North Main
De Witt G. A. preceptor Ladies' Academy, 47½ Cheapside, 75 Benefit
Dexter Benjamin G.,  grocer, 110 South Water, 175 South Main
Dexter Christopher C., attorney, 140 Benefit

Dexter Ebenezer K. United States' Marshal, 93 Benefit
Dexter George, rigger, Front
Dexter John, 312 North Main
Dexter John B. 314 North Main
Dexter John P. corner of Benefit and Benevolent
Dexter John S.
corner of Benefit and Benevolent
Dexter John & Son, grocers, 314 North Main
Dexter Joseph W. watch-maker, Charles, 243 North Main
Dexter Samuel, agent Bow. Bleaching Company, John, Aborn
Dexter Stephen, 140 Benefit

Dike Albyn V. tailor, 8 North Main, 27 South Main
Dillaber James, truckman, 158 North Main
Dillon Andrew, tailor, 10 Market square, Clemence
Disley George, mariner, Benefit
Disley Mrs. Susan, 224 Benefit
Dix & Savil, house-carpenters (copartnership ends before the directory is published;
       business to continue under Frederick Dix, 112 Benefit )
Dodge Ezra W. jeweller, North Court, 77 Benefit
Dodge Nehemiah, jeweller, 41 Benefit
Dods George, cooper, Wickenden, Transit
Dods George D. midshipman, United States' navy, corner of Wickenden and Benefit
Dorr Joseph, grocer, 13 South Main, corner of Cushing and Congdon
Dorr Sullivan, 61 Benefit

Dorrance Mrs. Amey, 9 Westminster
Dorrance Mrs. 131 North Main
Dorrance James B. attorney, 3 South Main, over 134 North Main
Doyle Thomas, bookbinder, I Market Square, Union

Page 27~
Doyle William J. truckman, 236 South Main
Douglass Archibald K. grocer 129 High
Draper Henry S. grocer, 79 Weybosset, 72 Westminster
Draper Jonathan, 72 Westminster
Draper Lucien, tailor, 12 Market Square, 46 Westminster
Draper Mrs. Amelia, 72 Westminster
Draper N. S. dry goods, 25 Cheapside, Union
Dring Thomas, grocer, 136 Benefit

Drown George F. hatter, rear of 148 Pawtuxet
Drown Miss Sarah, Wickenden
Duncklee & Willard, millenery, 66 and 80 Westminster
Dunham Albert, tin plate worker, 13 and 96 Westminster
Dunham David, hostler, 86 Benefit, Meeting
Dunlaven John, shoemaker, 20 North Main, over 82 South Main
Dunn Cary, grocer and com'n store, 26 Market, 58 Broad
Dunnell Jacob & Co. merchants, 16 South Water  ( moved to 51 South Water
       before this directory was completed )

Dunnell Jacob, merchant, 16 South Water, 25 George
Dunwell Mrs. Anna, Hill
Dunwell & Fuller, block-makers, rear of 153 South Main
Dunwell John, rear 153 South Main, 37 Weybosset
Durfee Samuel, house-carpenter, 71 High
Durfee Mrs. 77 High
Dutton John, under 13 Market Square, over 38 High
Dwight Nathaniel, physician and surgeon, 63 and 37 Weybosset
Dyer Benjamin, 47 Weybosset, 32 Broad
Dyer Benjamin, jun. 32 Broad
Dyer B. C. & Co. merchants, 47 Weybosset
Dyer Charles, 47 Weybosset, 24 Broad
Dyer Charles, jun. 24 Broad
Dyer Cyrus, 26 Weybosset, 6 Washington
Dyer Davis, 2 Market, Aborn
Dyer Davis & Co. grocers and com'n merchants, 2 Market
Dyer Elisha, auctioneer and com'n merchant, 21 Market, rear 51Westminster
Dyer Garrett, cigar-maker, 106 High
Dyer Lucius, 27 South Water, 5 Westminster
Dyer Mrs. 139 Broad
Dyer Olney, 26 Weybosset, 117 Broad
Dyer Olney & Co. hardware, 26 Weybosset
Dyer Paris, 47 Weybosset, 26 Broad
Dyers & Manton, druggist and commercial merchant, 14 Market
Dyer & Walker, grocers, 27 South Water

EAGLE BANK, 30 Market
Eames James, tin plate worker, 22 Westminster
Earle Benjamin, baker, 375 North Main

Page 28~
Earle Caleb, lumber yard, 40 South Water, 21 George
Earle George, merchant, 148 South Main
Earle Joshua, yeoman, Neck
Earle John, house-carpenter, Power
Earle Mrs. 254 North Main
Earle Oliver, merchant, 148 South Main
Earle Thomas J. tailor, 12 Market Square, 89 Broad
Easeler William, comb-maker, 152 Benefit, Arnold
Easton Mrs. Elizabeth, Bowen
Eathforth George, rope maker, Coles
Eathforth Mrs. Mary, Transit
Eathforth Samuel, cooper, Fox Point, 209 South Main
Eathforth Samuel C. cooper, Fox Point,
209 South Main
Eddy Abbott, 164 Benefit
Eddy Barnard, house-carpenter, Pleasant
Eddy Benjamin, caulker, 85 Broad
Eddy Benjamin, ship carpenter, corner of Field and
Eddy Esek, guager, 144 Westminster
Eddy Ezra, ship-carpenter, South
Eddy George, labourer, 159 Westminster
Eddy Mrs. Hannah, Brown
Eddy Joseph, ship-carpenter, 69 Broad
Eddy Joseph, jun. morocco dresser, rear of 21 Westmin
ster, Aborn
Eddy Josiah I. musical instrument maker, &c. Eddy
Eddy Mrs. Mary, Sexton
Eddy Mrs. Mary, Claverick
Eddy Mrs. Nancy, Eddy
Eddy Miss Patience, weaver, Eddy
Eddy Peleg, ship-carpenter, 13 Pawtuxet
Eddy Richard, shoemaker, 15 Broad, Eddy
Eddy Richard E. 131 South Main, Brown
Eddy Thomas, accountant, 101 Broad, Pawtuxet
Eddy Willard, 171 High, Cranston
Eddy William, Eddy
Eddy Zachariah, morocco dresser, rear of 21 Westminster
Edes Rev. Henry, 53 Benefit
Edwards V. N. shoemaker, 30 North Main, Pine
Elderkin Eleazer, mariner, Ship
Elrdidge Joseph S. comb-maker, 152 Benefit, 175 South
Eldridge Mrs. over 81 Weybosset
Eldridge Richard B. tailor, 9 Market, Hydraulion
Eldridge Stores, laborer, Sabin
Elliott Francis, mariner, Field
Elliott Nathaniel, Field
Elliot Nathaniel, jun., Field

Page 29~
Ellery Mrs. Catharine, Arnold
Elliot Mrs. Elizabeth, 115 Westminster
Ellis Augustus, inn-keeper, Charles
Ellis Cyrus, tailor, 83 South Main, 217 Benefit
Ellis Elizabeth, board-house, 89 South Main
Ellis James, printer, 39 Market, 46 Westminster
Ellis James E. barber, 75 Weybosset
Ellis Richmond, jeweller, North Court, 217 Benefit
Ellis Levi, accountant, 3 North Water, 125 North Main
Esdall James, mariner, over 72 South Main
Essex Thomas, labourer, 134 High
Esten Benjamin, baker, Mill
Esten Miss Mary, 164 Benefit
Esten Nicholas, cabinet-maker, Stephens
Evans Rowland, farmer, William
Evans Samuel, picker-maker, 387 North Main, Nash's lane
Eveleth Mrs. Rebecca, 13 George
Everett Amherst, 59 South Water, Arnold
EXCHANGE BANK, 1 Westminster