1824  Providence City Directory -"I-J-K-L-M"

Page 39~
Ide Mrs. Olive, Richmond
Ingalls Mrs. Betsey, school-mistress, Stewart
Ingraham, Simeon, surveyor of lumber, Wickenden
Ingraham Solomon, accountant, 112 South Water, Wickenden
INQUIRER OFFICE, over 39 Market
Irish Charles P. shoemaker,
164 and 89 North Main
Irons Arnold, grocer, 51 Broad, Ship
Irons Nicholas, iron moulder, Eddy
Irons Nicholas, laborer, Federal
Ives Moses B. merchant, over 36 South Main, Power
Ives Robert B. Power
Ives Thomas P. merchant, over 36 South Main, Power

Page 40~
Jackson Amos D. cabinet-maker, President
Jackson Charles, attorney, 26 North Main, President
Jackson George, 69 Westminster, 21 Broad
Jackson James A. 57 Cheapside, 106 Benefit
Jackson John T. brass founder, 18 Broad, 127 Westminster
Jackson Mrs. Mary, rear of 1 Weybosset
Jackson Miss Polly, 17 Chesnut
Jackson Nathan W. , town clerk, market-house, 100 Benefit
Jackson Richard, over 1 Market, President
Jackson Samuel, grocer, 46 Broad, Richmond
Jackson Samuel 2d, merchant, Eddy
Jacobs James, 45 and 59½ Westminster
Jacobs Lucius, stone-cutter, Peck's wharf, cor. Friend
ship & Richmond
Jacobs Mrs. Maria, 104 Broad
JAIL, rear of 113 North Main
James John, barber, 87 Broad, 10 Chesnut
James Mrs. Elizabeth, Wickenden
James Mrs. Mary, paper hangings, 61 Weybosset
James Richmond, shoemaker, 24 South Main, 10 Chesnut
James William, paper hangings, 5 Broad
Jastram Mawney, livery stable, rear of 35 and 5 Market
Jastram Mrs. Mary, Charles
Jenckes Benjamin, Charles
Jenckes Edwin, College
Jenckes John, labourer, Sabin, 32 Pawtuxet
Jenckes John, Sabin, 32 Pawtuxet
Jenckes John C. jeweller, Friendship
Jenckes Mrs. Mary I., College
Jenckes Mrs. Rebecca C. Meeting
Jenckes Mrs. Sally, Wickenden
Jenkins George, comb-maker, 152 Benefit, Transit
Jenkins Henry,
comb-maker, 152 Benefit, Transit
Jenkins & Man, manufacturers & com. merchant, 2 Weybosset
Jenkins William, 2 Weybosset, 199 Benefit
Jennings Mrs. Lydia, 224 Benefit
Jerauld Daniel, labourer, Thayer
Jerauld Daniel D. house-carpenter, Transit, Thayer
Jerauld Samuel, house-carpenter, Power
Jillson Oliver, mariner, Page
Jillson Pardon, baker, 91 and 102 Broad
Jillson Mrs. Sarah, Ship
Johnson Andrew, tin plate worker, 89 and 106 High
Johnson Ann S. mantua-maker, 105 High
Johnson E. cabinet-maker, Hydraulion, 77 North Main

Page 41~
Johnson Ebenezer, tin plate worker, 13 Broad (error; address should be 13 Westminster)
Johnson J. L. 17½ Westminster
Johnson John, book-store, 67 Cheapside, Clemenee
Johnson Mrs. Lydia, over 154 South Main
Johnson Mrs. Mary, 101 Pawtuxet
Johnson & Mudge, shoe-store, 61 Westminster
Johnson Robert, weaver, 288 North Main
Johnston Miss, preceptress, 121 Westminster
Jones Alexander, com'n merchant, 22 South Water, Angell
Jones Barnabas, 13 Pawtuxet
Jones Miss Betsey, Union
Jones Miss Eliza D. preceptress, 145 Westminster
Jones Isaiah, preceptor at Friends' boarding school, Hope
Jones James, Friendship
Jones John, grocer, Transit
Jones John, shoemaker, 14 Broad, 16 Pawtuxet
Jones John, boarding-house, Eddy
Jones John P. tin plate worker and gauger, 22 Market,
Jones Josiah, senior editor of Patriot,Aborn
Jones Mrs.
Judith, 224 Benefit
Jones Mrs. Thomas, 81 Westminster
Jones William, 25 Broad
Jones William 0. mariner, Eddy
Jorden Caleb, blacksmith, Orms
Jordon Charles, house-carpenter, Transit, Power
Joslin Willard, 251 North Main
over 4 Market
Justin Charles, mariner, Planet
Justin John, pilot, Wickenden

Kaull John A. labourer, Sabin, 116 Broad
Keene Josiah, copper-founder, 116 South Main
Keene Miss Abida, Aborn
Keep William, mason, 17 Pawtuxet
Keith Cyrus, grocer, 78 South Main
Kellar Mrs. 22 Weybosset
Kelly Ebenezer, 37 Benefit
Kelly Miss Elizabeth, preceptress, 57 Broad
Kelton Miss, 123 North Main
Kendall Noah, Washington
Kendall Oliver, book-store, 2 Market Square, Eddy
Kent Amariah, truckman, Mathewson
Kenyon Moses, jun. labourer, Atwell's avenue
Kenyon S. H. physician, 92 South Main, Thayer
Kenyon Stephen C. yeoman, Tanyard

Page 42~
Kimball Rufus W. butcher, market-house, 85 High
Kimball Miss Ann S. Graves lane, rear of 28 High
King Mrs. B. 72 Broad
King George, laborer, Pine
King Josiah, tobacconist, Pleasant
King Miss, rear of Field
King Mrs. Nancy, Union
Kingman Abner, shoe-store, 59 Westminster, Mathewson
Kinsley Mrs. Sexton
Knight Nehemiah R. Senator in Congress, Cranston
Knight Robert, grocer, 14 and 91 High
Knight Thomas, drayman, 156 High
Knowles Mrs. Amey, 363 North Main
Knowles Edward, 81 Benefit
Knowles Mrs. Mary, 359 North Main
Knowles Power, grocer, 411 North Main
Knowles Putman, mule-spinnner, 359 North Main
Knowles Rowland, house-carpenter, North Water, 220 Ben
Knowles Samuel, house-carpenter, 359 North Main
Knowlton Erastus F. grocer, 24 Market, 67 High
Knox William, teamster, Federal

Lackey Prentice, cord-winder, near Smith
Lake Laban, blacksmith, Peck's wharf, Parsonage
Lake Richard,
blacksmith, Plane
Lamson William, Cranston
Lancing Thomas, tailor, 9 Market, 77 North Main
Langley Joshua H. sail-maker, 103 South Water, 194 Benefit
Langley Lee
sail-maker, 103 South Water, 70 Broad
Larcher Jno. merchant-tailor, 10 Market Square, 146 Benefit
Larned George, attorney, market-house, Aborn
Larned Henry, 128 North Main
Larned John S. 153 North Main
Larned William, overseer of poor, market house, 128 North Main
Lassell Charles, cooper, 217 South Main, Fox Point
Lassell John, undertaker, Charles
Lassell John, jun. hatter, Smith
Lawrence Daniel S. assistant P. M. 8 Market, Meeting
Lawrence John, baker, 120 North Main, Cady's lane
Lawrence Joseph,
baker, 120 North Main, Cady's lane
Lawrence Thomas, grocer, 281 North Main
Lawrence Walter, paper-hanger, 78 Westminster
Lawson Thomas, butcher, 10 High

Page 43~
Lawton John, school-master, Meeting, 204 North Main
Lawton Joseph, cooper, rear of 161 South Main, Well
Lawton Josiah, cashier, Mechanics' bank, 199 South Main
Learned Asa, accountant, over 36 South Main, 106 Westminster
Learned Horace, clerk, 38 Weybosset
Lee Thomas, shoemaker, Abbott
Leatherbee Mrs. Sugar lane
Legg William, truckman, 3 Pawtuxet
Legrand Lewis, labourer, Thayer
Leman Henry, carver, 102 and 111 Westminster
Leonard E. S. H. apothecary, 16 Market Square
Lester Mrs. Cranston
Levalley Gardner T. machine-maker, 284 North Main
Lewis Benjamin, mason, 296 North Main
Lewis James, mason, Point
Lewis Jeremiah, mason, rear of 61 Broad
Lewis Mrs. over 144 North Main
Lewis Philip, barber, 1 Pawtuxet
Lewis Samuel, mason, Point
Lillibridge Gardner, printer, over 5 Market Square, rear 4 Wey
Linard & Duval, fancy goods, &c. 41 Cheapside
Lincoln Solomon, truckman, rear of 32 Pawtuxet
Lincoln Spencer, 21 Pawtuxet
Lincoln Thomas, victualling cellar, under 1 Market, 21
Lindsey Benjamin M. shoemaker, 76 Westminster,  rear 25 Weybosset
Lindsey Cyrus W. cordage, 89 South Water, 122 South Main
Lindsey Mrs. Merabee, 407 North Main
Linnett Moses, mariner, Thurber's Mills, North End
Lippitt Charles, 54 Weybosset
Lippitt John, paper-hangings, 51 Westminster, 85 High
Lippitt Jeremiah, attorney, rear of 103 South Main, Power
Lippitt J. F. & John, merchants,
rear of 103 South Main
Lippitt Joseph F. rear of 103 South Main, Power
Lippitt Moses, Power
Lippitt Richard, cashier Union Bank, 184 Benefit
Liscomb Samuel S. cabinet-maker, President
Littlepage, John, labourer, 166 South Main
Lloyd Richard, Sheldon
Livingston John, tin plate worker, 22 and 34 Westminster
Lockwood Benoni, surveyor, Angell
Lockwood Sarah, Friends' boarding school
Lopez Samuel, jeweller, Cady's lane
Lord Henry, coach, and chaise-painter, 21 and 40 High

Page 44~
Lord Levi, weaver, near Smith
Loring George, labourer, Sabin, Federal
Lothrop Henry W. 19 South Main, John

Lothrop Zebediah, 15 South Water, 81 Benefit
Lothrop Z. & Co. com. merchants, &c. 15 South Water
Lothrop Mrs. Sarah, John
Loud Zenus, shoemaker, 121 North Main
Low Charles, grocery and com. store, 32 Market, corner of Pleasant & Broad
Low & Hunt, grocery and com. store, 32 Market
Low Joseph, clerk, 3 Market, President
Low Joseph H. grocer, 2 South Water, 7 Weybosset
Low Mrs. preceptress, Orange

Low Samuel, grocer, 2 South Water, 7 Weybosset
Ludlow Rev. Peter, jun. 12 George

Luther Benjamin, labourer, 219 South Main
Luther Caleb, mariner, 70 Broad

Luther Coomer, rope-maker, Stewart
Luther E. C. shoemaker, 225 North Main, Mill

Luther Edward, brass-founder, corner Thayer and John
Luther Gardiner, mason, rear of 32 Pawtuxet

Luther Henry, labourer, Sugar lane
Luther Jeremiah, house-carpenter, Transit

Luther John, cabinet-maker, over 6 North Water, 137 Broad
Luther John, labourer, Plane

Luther Joseph, cabinet-maker, over 6 North Water, 60 Weybosset
Luther Joseph P. barber, 15 Market Square, 34 Westminster
Luther Josias L. blacksmith, 370 and 374 North Main
Luther Nathaniel, grocer, 99 South Main, Meeting
Luther Rodney, mason, Friendship

Luther Seth, house- carpenter, 453 North Main
Luther Stephen G. weaver, 453 North Main

Luther Thomas, tanner and currier, 453 North Main

Luther Thomas, shoemaker, 118 South Main, Benevolent
Luther Thomas, jun. shoemaker, 453 North Main

Luther Thomas S. cabinet-maker, 192 Benefit, 174 South Main
Lyha Isaac, mason, Pine

LYMAN COTTON MANUFACTURING CO.'S ware-house, 123 South Main
Lyndon Danforth P., Benefit  (accidently omitted during publication)
Lyon Danforth, grocer, 13 Weybosset, Mathewson

Lyon Edward S. jeweller, Cady's lane, 220 North Main
Lyon Luther, house-carpenter, North Water, 220 Benefit
Lyon Warren, gunsmith, 284 North Main

Macker Lemuel, shoemaker, 61 South Main
Mackie John, physician and surgeon, Pleasant, 42 Westminster
Mackie & Arnold, physicians and surgeons, Pleasant

Page 45~
Macomber Miss Hannah, boarding-house, 60 Weybosset
Macomber Zebedee, labourer, rear of 66 Weybosset
M'Clintock, Mrs. Rebecca, 100 Westminster
M'Clure Mrs. Betsey, rear of 25 Weybosset
M'Farland Alexander, labourer, Sabin
M'Farland John, labourer, Sabin, Walker
M'Farland Thomas, labourer, Sabin, 85 Broad
M'Foy Daniel, mariner, Arnold
M'Intire Isaac, labourer, 286 South Main
M'Kay, George F. mariner, Benevolent
M'Kay William, grocer, 87 South Water, Benevolent
M'Key Charles, weaver, Randall
M'Lane John, mariner, Benevolent
M'Lane Nathan, truckman, Sheldon
M'Lellan Samuel, boarding-house, 75 Benefit
M'Lellan Samuel, machine maker, Bark
M'Murray James, weaver, 134 and rear 91 Westminster
M'Neal Hopestill, baker, 23 Westminster
M'Neal John, baker, 23 Westminster
Maguire George, fancy painter, 81 Weybosset, 74 Westminster
Magwire Thomas, clerk, 75 North Main, Congdon
Mahoney Cornelius, house-carpenter, Randall
Maine Mrs. Deborah, tailoress, 170 Benefit
Mallett Edward J. 48 South Water, Power
Mallett & Vinton, commission merchants, 48 South Water
Man Aaron, hard ware, 86 North Main
Man Orville, clerk, 2 Weybosset, 84 North Main
Man Samuel F. 2 Weybosset, 84 North Main
Man Thomas, hard ware, 82 and 84 North Main
Manchester A. S. stone cutter, Peck's wharf
Manchester Robert, house-carpenter, Clemence
Manchester William C. confectionary and fancy goods,
3 Market
Mann David E. constable, Sexton
Mann Stephen, clerk, 281 North Main
Manton Amasa, 14 Market, 129 Westmirster
Manton Joseph, merchant, 11 South Water, 132 Westminster
Manton Mrs. 129 Westminster
Marble Jonathan, ship-carpenter, Eddy
Marble Sylvester, blacksmith, rear of 193 South Main, Sheldon
MARINE INSURANCE OFFICE, Union Buildings, 4 Market
Marsh Thomas, 175 High, Cranston
Marshall Mrs. Martha, Smith
Marson Mrs. Dorcas, 134 High

Page 46~
Martin Mrs. Abby and Lucy, 229 South Main
Martin Mrs. Amey, 357 North Main
Martin Henry, dry goods, 15 Cheapside, corner Benefit
and Transit
Martin James, glazier, rear of 25 Weybosset, 5 Chesnut
Martin John, 81 Benefit
Martin John, broker, 4 Market Square, 98 Benefit
Martin John, labourer, Ship
Martin Joseph, glazier, Thomas, 20 Westminster
Martin Joseph S. 128 Westminster
Martin LeBaron, house-carpenter, 331 North Main
Martin Mrs. 333, North Main
Martin Philip, yeoman, corner of Charles and Martin
Martin Richard C. glazier, Thomas, 90 Westminster
Martin Silvanus, house-carpenter, 94 Broad
Martin Silvanus G. dry goods and groceries, 177 North Main
Martin Stephen,
grocer, 355 North Main
Martin Syrril, labourer, Hill
Martin Wheeler, judge S. J. C. 182 North Main
Martin William, 108 Pawtuxet
Martin William, mariner, Wickenden
Martin William B. 132, North Main, Stephens
Martin William H. clerk post-office, 8 Market, Richmond
Marvin Richard school-master, 47 Pawtuxet
Mason Amasa, merchant, 12 West Water, 20 Broad
Mason Amos, yeoman, Harrington's lane
Mason Mrs. Ann, millener, 186 South Main
Mason Charles, mason, Wickenden
Mason Coomer E. grocer, 109 Broad
Mason Earle P. druggist, 27 and 111 Broad
Mason Edward, house-carpenter, 123 Benefit
Mason Edward, 2d, clerk, 31 Cheapside, 111 Broad
Mason James. grocer, 198 South Main
Mason John H. druggist, 27 Broad
Mason Joseph R. shoe store, 127 South Main, Benevolent
Mason Mrs. Mary, near Charles
Mason Obadiah, tanner and carrier, 393 North Main
Mason Oliver L. house-carpenter, Ann
Mason Owen, 10 North Main, 5 Westminster
Mason Pardon, surveyor of highways, 111 Broad
Mason Mrs Rosanna, over 6 Weybosset
Mason Mrs. Ruth, 393 North Main
Mason Samuel, grocer, Front
Mason Samuel, jun. Front
Mason Sanford, portrait and sign painter, 77 Westminster
Mason William, mason, Transit

Page 47~
Mason William B.,  mason, 111 Broad
Mason William H., 10 North Main, 123 Benefit
Maston I. tailor and habit-maker, 209 South Main
Mathews Jeremiah, rope-maker, Transit
Mathewson Mrs. Eliza, 51 High
Mathewson Mrs. Hannah, 127 Westminster
Mathewson Henry, mariner, 137 Broad
Mathewson John, secretary W. Insurance Co., 1 Market, 9 Washington
Matholony Martin, labourer, 6 Pawtuxet
Mauran Carlo, 171 South Main, 166 Benefit
Mauran Carlo & Joshua, merchants, 171 South Main
Mauran Ira, mariner, James
Mauran Joseph C. physician and surgeon, 40 South Main  ( error; there should be no middle initial C )
Mauran Joshua, corner of Thayer and John
Maxcy Eaton W. jun. Editor Inquirer, 39 Market, Aborn
Maynard Lawson D. jeweller, 218 North Main, Charles
MECHANICS' BANK, over 21 Market Square
Medbury Mrs. Planet
Megee William F. mariner, 15 George
Meriweather William, labourer, 214 Benefit
Messer Rev. Asa, President B. University, College-street
Metcalf Mrs. Abby, Thurber's lane
Metcalf Mrs. Elizabeth, 178 North Main
Metcalf Mrs. tailoress, rear of 191 North Main
Metcalf Jesse, tanner and currier, Mill
Metcalf Joel,
tanner and currier, Mill
Metcalf Joel, jun., tanner and currier, Charles
Metcalf Joel & Sons, tanners and carriers, corner Charles and Mill
Metcalf Joseph, tanner and currier, Mill
Metcalf Levi, clerk, 181 North Main
Metcalf Samuel, grocer, 178 and 182 North Main
Metcalf Whiting, jeweller, Charles, 243 North Main
Meyer Henry C. painter, 109 South Water, 219 South Main
Millard Stephen, Sabin, Federal
Miller Benjamin, cigar-makcr, 7 South Water, Richmond
Miller Benjamin, labourer, Richmond
Miller Benjamin, Page
Miller Consider, labourer, Transit
Miller Edward F., watch-maker, &c. , 25 Market, 10 Westminster
Miller George, labourer, Sabin, rear of 71 Westminster
Miller Henry, house-carpenter, Wickenden
Miller James, shoemaker, 11 Pawtuxet

Page 48~
Miller James, house-carpenter, Sheldon
Miller James, hatter, 31 Market, Page
Miller John, publisher of Journal, and Rel. Intel., 4 Market,
88 Westminster
Miller Mrs., Snow street
Miller Mrs. Mary, 161 North Main
Miller Matthew, 12 Benefit
Miller Pardon, watchmaker, &c. 47 Cheapside, Angell
Miller Miss Patience, between North Water and North Main
Miller Welcome, truckman, rear of 68 Broad
Miller William, tanner and currier, Sexton
Minard Peter S. inn-keeper, 10 High
Mitchell Edward, tobacconist, Eddy
Mitchell James W. accountant,141 South Main,122 South Water
Mitchell John, labourer, 18 Pawtuxet
Mitchell Thomas L. house-carpenter, Union
Moffit Edward, grocer, 175 High, Cranston
Montgomery Mrs. Mary, Mill
Moore Joseph , shoemaker, rear of 66 Weybosset
Morrill Jesse, blacksmith, Eddy
Morris William P. shoemaker, 15 Broad, Eddy
Morris William, yeoman, Harrington's lane
Morrison James, labourer, Sabin, rear 118 Broad
Morse Edward, truckman, rear 187 North Main
Morse George, barber, 199 North Main, Burr's lane
Morse George, labourer, near Charles
Morse Mrs. Mary, Smith
Morse N. T. clerk, 15 and 46 Westminster
Morse Spencer, labourer, 302 North Main
Morse William, bookbinder, 2 Market Square, Eddy
Mosher Albert J. grocer, 65 and 54 High
Mosher Caleb, mason, 56 High
Mosher Constant B. mason, 56 High
MOUNT VERNON LODGE, over 1 Market-street
Mowry Charles C. grocer, 5 South Water, 77 North Main
Mowry Edward, 5 South Water, 77 North Main
Mowry Thomas, grocer, 18 South Main
Mudge Rev. Enoch, 19 Pawtuxet
Mudge Solomon H. 61 Westminster, 19 Pawtuxet
Muenscher Henry, tallow-chandler, Eddy
Mumford Henry, sugar-refiner, Sugar lane, 111 Broad
Mumford Henry G. hay scales and livery stable, Steeple,
137 North Main
Mumford James, Cady's lane, 66 Benefit
Mumford Samuel, agent, Arnold
Mumford Miss Sarah, Union
Mumford William, justice of the peace, 87 Broad
Munnegal James, labourer, Sabin, 159 Westminster

Page 49~
Munro Jeremiah, mariner, over 107 South Main
Munro John, 79 Broad
Munro Josiah,
41 and 12 South Main
Munro Thomas, 79 Broad
Munro Thomas, shoemaker, Transit
Munson Mrs. preceptress, 220 North Main
Munson Gurdon W. 81 Benefit, Meeting
Munyan Thomas, grocer, 194 and 77 North Main
Munyan Timothy, grocer, 20 Market Square, 5 Westminster
Murray Robert, turner, Hydraulion, 17 Broad
MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE OFFICE, market-house chambers