1824  Providence City Directory - "N-O-P-Q-R"

Page 49~
Najack Lewis, folder, Sabin
Nestell Christian M. chair store, 111 South Main, 124 Broad
Newall Cady, labourer, Sabin
Newall Nathaniel, labourer, Cady's lane
Newcomb Henry S. United States Navy, 31 Benefit
Newcomb Simeon, spar-maker, 203 South Main
Newel Franklin, distiller, Charles
Newel John, clothier, Charles
Newel Mrs. R. Charles
Newel Stanford, manufacturer of woolen goods, Charles
Newell Asa, grocer, 188 North Main
Newell Moses, boarding-house, rear of 87 South Main
Newell Reuben, Clemence
Newman John, architect, 25 High
Nichols Benjamin O. machinist, Burr's lane
Nichols Jonathan, blacksmith, Elm, Field
Nichols Jonathan B. jeweller, North Court, Union
Nichols Mrs. Mary, over 174 North Main
Nichols Putnam, moulder, Randal
Nichols Samuel, shoemaker, 76 Westminster rear 25 Weybosset
Niger Alfred, barber, 87 High
Nightingale Miss Abby, 9 George
Nightingale Mrs. 178 Benefit
Nightingale Samuel, agent Geor.Man'g Com., 121 South Main
Niles Henry, tanner and carrier, Charles, Mill
Nobles Isaac, labourer, foot of Union
Nobles Isaac, jun. truckman, foot of Union
Nobles John, truckman, 110 Broad
Nobles Thomas, truckman, Page
Nobles William, truckman, Clemence
Northup Nicholas, currier, 128 Broad
Northup Thomas G. tailor, 4 and over 22 Market

Page 50~
Norton Borden A. cabinet-maker, Union, 80 Broad
Noyes Moses, preceptor, Mathewson
Noyes John M. mariner, 108 North Main

Oldridge Samuel, mariner, Arnold
Olney Mrs. Adah, Thurber's lane
Olney Benjamin S. grocer, 119 High
Olney Elam, jeweller, Cady's lane
Olney Elisha, grocer , 165 High
Olney Miss Fanny, millenary, 440 North Main
Olney George, 268 North Main
Olney George I. 268 North Main
Olney George R. A. grocer, Long wharf, 74 High
Olney Jabez, 121 High
Olney James, saddle and harness maker, 107 North Main,
North Water
Olney Jeremiah, Steeple
Olney Mrs. 125 North Main
Olney Mrs. Martha, 45 High
Olney Mrs. Phebe, Olney's lane
Olney Mrs. Polly, 393 North Main
Olnev Mrs. Rebecca, 45 George
Olney Mrs. Sarah, Olney's lane
Olney Samuel, house-carpenter, 404 and 419 North Main
Olney William, painter, 21 High
Olney William, 165 High
Ormsbee Mrs. Anna, 233 Benefit
Ormsbee Ira, labourer, near Smith
Ormsbee J. H. clerk, 37 Cheapside, 141 South Main
Ormsbee J. H. See. U. I. Co. 18 Market Square over 192 South Main
Ormsbee Joseph, house-carpenter, 114 North Main
Ormsbee Mrs. Sarah, Transit
Ormsbee Royal 4 North Water, Transit

Orrell Samuel, reed-maker, 377 North Main
Osborn E. preceptor, Middle, rear of 25 Weybosset
Otis Jacob, truckman South Water
Otis Sewall, hostler, North Water, 186 North Main
Owen Charles, house-carpenter, 404 and 419 North Main
Owen Mrs. Lydia, 419 North Main
Owen Michael,  mariner, 174½ South Main

Pabodie Albert, notary public, 15 Market, Mathewson
Pabodie Alden, tailor, 11 Cheapside, Benevolent
Pabodie Benjamin G. 39 High

Page 51~
Pabodie Mrs. 79 Benefit
Pabodie William, hat-stores, 15 Market and 29 High, 37 High
Packard Henry, tailor, 129 and 224 North Main
Packard George W. grocer, 142 North Main, Howland's alley
Paddleford Elisha, shoemaker, 138 Westminster, Walker
Paddleford Mrs. Mary, Walker

Page Miss Ann, preceptress, 155 South Main

Page James, tallow-chandler, rear of 197 North Main, Star
Page Martin, mariner, Ann
Page William, 155 South Main
Paine Daniel, mariner, Arnold
Paine Walter, manufacturer, 27 Market Square, Mathewson
Paine Walter, jun. grocer, 27 Market Square, 133 Westminster

Park Rev. Calvin, professor in Brown University, George
Parker Alba D. cabinet-maker, 115½ and 168 South Main
Parker Bertram, mason, Claverick
Parker F. G. & J. B., lumber, 104 South Water
Parker James B. 203 South Main
Parks John S. grocer, 282 North Main
Parks Nathan B. house-carpenter, 293 North Main
Parsons Usher, professor anatomy and surgury, Brown University, 69 Cheapside
Partridge Joseph, landscape painter, Ship
Pat David, drayman, 45 High
Patrick H. labourer, 83 Westminster
PATRIOT OFFICE, over 1 Market Square
Patt William, blacksmith, Benefit, rear of 245 North Main
Patten William S. attorney, over 3 Cheapside, 59½ Westminster
Paul Enoch S. tanner, Charles, over 228 North Main

PAWTUXET MANUFACTURING Co.'s, ware-house, 9 West Water
Pearce Earl D. 28 Benefit

Pearce Edward, clerk, 59 South Water, 41 George
Pearce Joseph, mason, 296 North Main
Pearce Nathaniel, mariner, 41 George
Pearce W. T. mariner, over 180 South Main
Pearson Luther, 17 South Water, over 116 North Main
Pearson Samuel, hat-store, 46 South Main, Arnold
Peck Benjamin, justice of the peace, 466 North Main
Peck Benjamin, watch-maker, 35 and 30 High

Peck B. & J. R. livery stable, Middle, Union
Peck Cromwell, blacksmith, rear 28 Benefit, Stampers
Peck Mrs. 77 Benefit
Peck Mrs. Elizabeth, 410 North Main
Peck George H. clerk, Arnold, Wickenden

Page 52~
Peck Mrs. Huldah, Sexton
Peck Isaac, teamster, Wickenden
Peck Joseph,
teamster, Ann
Peck Joseph, grocer, 108 and 75 South Main
Peck Joshua, yeoman, Neck
Peck Mrs. L. 52 Weybosset
Peck Mrs. 132 South Main
Peck Philip, 22 Pawtuxet
Peck Rev. Solomon, 466 North Main
Peck William, physician and surgeon, 119 North Main
Peck William, John
Peck William, jun. John
Peck William W. 108 and 75 South Main
Peckham & Barker, hardware, 41 Weybosset
Peckham James B. 51 Pawtuxet
Peckham John, shoemaker, 3 and 30 Chesnut
Peckham Mason, mason, Transit
Peckham Peter, 51 Pawtuxet
Peckham Stephen, labourer, 234 South Main
Peckham Thomas, dep. col. 71 South Main, 219 Benefit
Peirce Abby, preceptress, Friends' boarding-school
Peirce Mrs. Catharine, Transit
Pellion John, clerk, 185 North Main, Star
Penno Benjamin, porter, 50 Broad
Penno Jeremiah, porter, 68 Broad
Penno John, teamster, Federal
Penno Mrs. 50 Broad
Percival Charles, gilder, 37 South Main, 60 George
Perkins Nathaniel, morocco-dresser, rear 21 Westminster, Aborn
Perrin John, 122 Broad
Perry George S. mariner, corner of Eddy and Ship
Peters Nicholas, shoemaker, 138 and 147 Westminster
Pettes James B. preceptor, 410 North Main
Pettey Mrs. Betsey, Richmond
Pettey Daniel, cooper, Butler's wharf, 50 High
Pettey David, house-carpenter, 50 High
Pettey Mrs. Jane, 14 High
Pettis Arnold, Steeple, 65 Cheapside
Pettis Daniel, jun. house-carpenter, near Pond
Pettis John, currier, leather & wool store, rear 11 South Main
Peverelley Augustus, confectioner, 27 Westminster
Philbrook Thomas, Aborn
Phillips Edward, machine-maker, Bark, Charles

Page 53~
Phillips Elisha, shoemaker, South Main, Benevolent
Phillips George V. hatter, 31 Market, William
Phillips James, grocer, 151 High
Phillips John S. grocer, 138 and 187 North Main
Phillips Mrs. boarding-house, 122 South Main
Phillips Miss Hannah, Pine
Phillips Stephen, grocer, 63 and 149 Westminster
Phillips Whipple, 151 High
Phillips William R. 122 South Main
Pickman Mrs. 29 George
Pickering Rev. David, Aborn
Pickering Mrs. mantua-maker, 73 Westminster
Pidge Benjamin, butcher, market-house, 212 North Main
Pidge Winthrop, inn-keeper, Charles
Pierce Asa, grocer, 26 Market Square, Angell
Pierce Levi, mason, John
Pierce Holden, mason, Ship
Pierce Oliver, grocer, 40 Weybosset, Pine
Pierce Pardon H. house-carpenter, Eddy
Pierce & Pratt, grocers, 26 Market Square
Pierce Robert, hatter, 73 Pawtuxet
Pierce Samuel, mason, Pine
Pierce Squire, house-carpenter, Sabin, Pine
Pierce William, turner, 408 North Main
Pike Asa, agent, F. P. U. C. Fox Point, Wickenden
Pike John M. hostler, 186 North Main, North Water
Pike Jonathan, house-carpenter, Fox Point, 220 Benefit
Pike Samuel, pocket-book manufacturer, 261 North Main
Pinckney Caleb, drayman, 121 High
Pinckney Isaac, jeweller, Benefit
Pitcher James, chaise-maker, Transit
Pitkins Solomon, dry goods, 31 Westminster, Mathewson
Pitman Mrs. Ann, 110 North Main
Pitman John, U. S. district attorney 26 and over 200 North Main
Pitman Mrs. 9 Broad
Pitman William W. painter, 16 South Main, Sheldon
Pollard John, truckman, 26 Pawtuxet
Pollard Martin,
truckman, 26 Pawtuxet
Pomroy Elijah, tin plate worker, 13 Westminster, Walker
Pool Thaxter, truckman, 302 North Main
Pope Mora, mustard manufacturer, 76 South Main, 60 George

Page 54~
Potter & Adams, crockery and glass, 59 Cheapside
Potter Charles, merchant, 29 Cheapside, over 22 Market
Potter Charles, 2d, grocer, 25 Market Square, 64 Broad
Potter Christy, currier, 60 and 63 High
Potter Cyrus, clerk, 29 Cheapside, 98 Broad
Potter Miss Diana, rear of 80 Pawtuxet
Potter Earl, mason, Stewart
Potter & Eddy, grocers, 131 South Main
Potter Miss Hannah, 165 South Main
Potter Israel R. chair-mender, 10 High
Potter Jabez, colourer, Sexton
Potter Joshua, labourer, 63 South Main
Potter Lucius B. clerk, 5 South Main, 28 Broad
Potter Mrs. Jane, 14 High
Potter Joseph, block-maker, 177 South Main, 30 Broad
Potter Joseph K. merchant, Long wharf, 47 Broad
Potter Miss, 72 Broad
Potter Philip, 59 Cheapside, Richmond
Potter Phineas, pump-maker, 177 South Main, 28 Broad
Potter & Russell, merchants, 29 Cheapside
Potter R. W. 131 South Main, Brown
Potter Stephen, mason, Walker
Potter Thomas F. baker, 79 South Main
Potter William, block-maker, 177 South Main, 30 Broad
Potter William A. clerk, 31 Cheapside, 99 Westminster
Power Mrs. 50 Benefit
Pratt Chester, grocer, 27 Market Square, Richmond
Pratt H. C. portrait and landscape painter, 47 Westminster
Pratt Job L. accountant, Sabin, Ship
Pratt Jonathan, upholsterer, 257 North Main
Pratt Mrs. Stampers
Pratt Peter, attorney, over 1 Market, 33 Benefit
Pratt Robert P. Plane
Pratt Simeon, agent of iron foundery, Eddy, 75 Chesnut
Prentice John, merchant tailor, 19 Westminster, 6 Washington
Prentice Thomas, mariner, Transit
Prentiss Thomas, rigger, Page
Price Oliver, house carpenter, 82 Chesnut
Price William, mariner, 82 Chesnut
Prince Mrs. J. boarding-house, 27 South Main
Pringle George, mariner, 21 Pawtuxet
Proud Daniel, chair-maker, 105 Broad, 23 Chesnut
Proud Samuel,
chair-maker, 105 Broad, 23 Chesnut

Page 55~
Prout Mrs. Abigail, cigar maker, Power

48 South Main
COMPANY'S   room, 8 North Main
Purington Mathew, steward Friends' boarding school
Purkis Robert, mariner, Planet

Pyenerne F. confectioner, 39 and 48 Broad

Quannan John, book-binder, 8 Market, Richmond (error: name should be spelled Quarnan)
Quarles Edward & Co., paper hangings, 82 and 74 Westminster
Quarles Rachel, paper hanging, 
82 and 74 Westminster

Randall Charles W. house-carpenter, Eddy
Randall Mrs. Clarissa N. mantua-maker and millenery, 75 Broad
Randall Daniel, grocer, 104 High
Randall Dexter, attorney, North Court, 60 Benefit
Randall Edward & Co. machine-makers, Bark
Randall Henry, cooper, Ship
Randall Stephen, physician, 343 North Main
Rathbone George S. auctioneer and commercial merchant, 4 Market, 155 Westminster
Rathbone Joshua, mariner, 90 South Main
Rathbone Joshua jun. 33 Cheapside, 90 South Main
Rathbone Stephen K & Co. dry goods, 33 Westminster
Rawson Joseph & Sons, cabinet makers, 102 
Westminster, Sugar lane
Rawson Stepten, preceptor, 2d. dis. pub. school, 54 Benefit
Raymor Miss Susan, 77 Benefit
Rea Uriel, mariner, Benevolent
Rea William, mariner, 5 Benefit
Read James H. 7 Market Square, 46 Westminster
Read Nathan D. sail-maker, Anthony's wharf
Reed Charles, laborer, Graves' lane
Reed George, mason, Well
Reed James, morocco-dresser, North Water
Reed Thomas, shoemaker, 4 Market, John
Reed Thomas, wagoner, Sugar lane
Reed Thomas, barber, 140 South Main
Reed Samuel F. book store, 47½ Cheapside over 2 North Main
Reid Joseph, weaver, 134 and rear of 91 South Main
Reid Joseph, jun. weaver,
134 and rear of 91 South Main
Renches Henry, mariner, Ship

Page 56 ~
4 North Water
Reynolds Benjamin, accountant, 14 South Water, 81 Benefit
Reynolds Harris, house-carpenter, rear of 136 North Main
Reynolds Robert
, house-carpenter, North Water, 248 North Main
Reynolds Thomas, boarding-house, 54 South Main
Rhodes Amos J. druggist, 32 North Main, 1 Washington
Rhodes James, house-carpenter, John
Rhodes Joseph, house-carpenter, ship
Rhodes  Mrs. Mary, 49 High
Rhodes P. & D. flour store, Long Wharf, village Pawtuxet
Rhodes Mrs. Sally, 103 Westminster
Rhodes & Smith, manufacturers, 9 West Water
Rhodes C. & W. manufacturers, 9 West Water
Rhodes Thomas, Butler's wharf, 75 High
Rice John, butcher, 55 South Water, South Main
Rice Samuel R. shoemaker, 20 North Main, 105 Benefit
Richards Elihu, house-carpenter, Elm
Richards Mrs. North Water
Richardson John, weaver, 332 North Main
Richardson S. P. crockery ware, 74 North Main, 23 George
Richmond Arouet, Hydraulion, 44 Broad
Richmond Franklin, watch-maker and jeweler, 17 Market, 14 High
Richmond Galen, Hydraulion, 97 Broad
Richmond G. & A. wholesale jewellers, Hydraulion
Richmond Gilbert, baker, Stampers
Richmond Mrs. Rebecca, Wickenden
Richmond Samuel N.  dry goods, 23 Cheapside, over 142 North Main
Richmond Wm. President Town-Council, 66 Broad
Richmond William, 2d, Long wharf
Richmond William, 2d & Co. merchants, Long wharf
Richmond William E. attorney, 39 Market, 66 Broad
Rider Elijah, chair-maker, North Water
Rider Nathaniel, blacksmith, 181 South Main
Riley James, jeweller, North Court
Ripley Bradford, rope-maker, Front
Rivers Thomas, attorney, 20 Market Square over 170 North Main
Roach Thomas, house-carpenter, 77 Broad
Robbins Benjamin W. barber, 184½ and 189 South Main
Robbins Ch's, tailor, over 14 North Main, over 23 Cheapside
Roberts Dutee, house-carpenter, 127 Broad
Roberts Lucy, tailoress, 127 Broad
Robinson Benjamin, baker, North Water
Robinson Mrs. Hannah, 350 North Main
Robinson Martin, book store and circulating library 7 and 59½ Westminster

Page 57~
Robinson Harvey, physician and surgeon 133 and 141 Broad

Robinson Joseph, house-carpenter, Union, Richmond
Robley George, blacksmith, Dorrance, rear of 66 Weybosset
Rockwell James S. stone-cutter, 43 Pawtuxet
Rodman Mrs. 149 North Main
Roffee Caleb, painter and glazier, 91 South Main, John
Rogers Alex. saddler and harness maker, 97 North Main, Smith
Rogers Mrs. Almira, Cranston
Rogers Henry A. attorney, 26 North Main, 50 South Main
Rogers Mrs. John, 50 South Main
Rogers Joseph, commercial merchant 24 South Water, 142 Benefit
Ronians Terrence, labourer, Charles, Mill
Ronning Matthew, mariner, 219 South Main
Rosario Jacob, barber, 6 North Main 7 Pawtuxet
Ross Daniel V. grocer, 99 North Main, 98 Benefit
Ross Sanford, grocer, 228 South Main
Ross Thomas, 234 South Main
Ross Mrs. millener, Elm
Rossiter Charles H. carver, over 93 South Main
Rounds Mrs. H. 239 North Main
Rounds Jabez, mason, Transit
Rounds Jeremiah, mason, Plane
Rounds Richard, mason, 239 North Main
Rounds Seth, mason, Pond
Rugg Salmon, grocer, rear 11 South Main, Atwell's avenue
Ruggles Nathan D. cigar-maker, 212 North Main
Ruggles Spooner, mariner, 205 South Main
Runey Michael, weaver, Randall
Rushforth Mrs. boarding-house, 111 Westminster
Russell Charles H, 29 Cheapside, 149 North Main
Russell Daniel, grocer, 128 South Water, Transit
Russell Wm. dry goods, 45 Westminster cor. Washington & Aborn
Russell William H.. dry goods, 31 Cheapside, 99 Westminster
Rutenburg Daniel, hatter, Stewart