1824  Providence City Directory - "S-T"

Page 57
Sabin Mrs. Amey, 155 South Main
Sabin Hezekiah, tallow-chandler, rear of 15 and 11 Market
Sabin Joshua, mariner, Transit
Sabin Mrs. Sarah, 49 George
Sabin William, shoemaker, 118 South Main, Benevolent
Sackett Adnah, jeweller, North Court
Sackett Isaac, cabinet-maker, Union, foot of Union

Page 58~
Salisbury Amos, rigger, Snow
Salisbury Archibald, shoemaker, 427 North Main
Salisbury George, labourer, 143 South Main

Salisbury Miss Mary, tailoress, North Water
Salisbury Richard, barber, 92 South Main, Bowen
Salsbury Edward, ship-carpenter, Field
Salsbury George, ship-carpenter, Field
Salsbury Henry, ship-carpenter, Eddy
Salsbury James, ship-carpenter, South
Salsbury Jonathan, ship-carpenter, Eddy
Salsbury Pardon, ship-carpenter, Eddy
Sampson Mrs. Ann, tailoress, 33 Broad
Sampson Mrs. E. tailoress, 72 Broad
Sampson George, dry goods, 35 and 47 Westminster
Saunders Mrs. Esther, 403 North Main
Saunders John, ship-carpenter, South
Saunders Mrs. John, Eddy
Saunders Samuel, labourer, Hill
Sawin Isaac, shoe-store, 43 Cheapside, Well
Sawyer Austin, wheelwright, 331 North Main
Sawyer Dennis, victualler, under 7 and 9 Market Square, 53 Weybosset
Sawyer Philip, labourer, 349 North Main
Sawyer & Wheeler, wheelwrights, Stampers
Scarborough Nehemiah, grocer, 96 Broad
Schaffer F C. professor of dancing, rear of 4 Weybosset
Scott Asa, butcher, 350 North Main
Scott Charles, cabinet ware-house, 115 and 168 South Main
Scott Israel, butcher, 39 Pawtuxet
Scott Harvey, butcher, market-house, 89 Westininster
Scott Jonathan, labourer, Pine
Searle John, house-carpenter, Eddy
Searle John, 11 Broad, 12 Chesnut
Searle Mrs. 72 Broad
Searle Nathaniel, attorney, market-house, 111 North Main
Searle Nathaniel, jun. attorney, 111 North Main
Searle Solomon, mason, 15 Chesnut
Searle Thomas, truckman, Cranston
Sekell Job, mason, 19 Pawtuxet
Sekell Thomas, mason, rear 32 Pawtuxet
Sessions Darius, merchant, 116 South Water, 195 South Main
Sessions John, Hewes
Sessions Misses Maria & Amey, 204 North Main
Sessions Thomas, Neck

Page 59~

Sessions William, 204 North Main

Seybert Thomas, cutler, 54 South Main

Sharp Wilkes, stable, 118 and 123 Benefit

Shaw Alexander T. 94 High

Shaw Mrs. Betsey, 45 George
Shaw James, 47 George

Shaw Joseph L. preceptor, 4th District School, 94 High
Shaw Lloyd, jeweller, between Clifford and Friendship
Shaw Mrs. Mary-Ann, school-mistress, Field
Shaw William P. painter, South Water, 215 Benefit

Shaw Oliver, professor of music, 70 Westminster

Sheldon Miss Audery, 176 Benefit
Sheldon Charles, mariner, 168 South Main
Sheldon Edward S. auctioneer and commercial merchant, 16 South Main, Benevolent
Sheldon Daniel, 10 and 369 North Main
Sheldon John F. 224 South Main
Sheldon & Mason, shoe-store, 10 North Main
Sheldon Pardon, grocer, 2 North Main, 91 High
Sheldon Pardon, mariner, 182 South Main
Sheldon Miss Rosanna, 176 Benefit
Sheldon William, grocer, 118 and 141 High
Shephard A. W. baker, 50 Broad
Shepard William A. grocer, 273 and 301 North Main
Shearman Peleg, shoemaker, 35 and 107 Broad
Sherman John, house-carpenter, Power
Short Jeremiah S. clerk, 13 Cheapside, Union
Short William F. printer, Journal office, 88 Westminster
Shumway & Read, dry goods, 7 Market Square
Shumway Thomas D. 7 Market Square, Pleasant
Sillaway Mrs. 176 South Main
Simmons Charles, labourer, rear of Wickenden
Simmons Ebben, house-carpenter, South
Simmons Franklin, labourer, Smith
Simmons George, jeweller, over 73 and 301 North Main
Simmons George E. accountant, 47 Weybosset, 73 Chesnut
Simmons Harvey, grocery store & boarding house, 204 North Main
Simmons Henry, house-carpenter, South
Simmons John, saddler, rear of 25 Weybosset
Simmons Joseph, house-carpenter, 89 Broad
Simmons Mrs. 40 Broad
Simmons Mrs. 169 South Main
Simmons Mrs. Nancy, Well
Simmons Pardon, jeweller, North Court, Cady's lane
Simmons Mrs. Sarah, Arnold
Simmons Thomas, Cranston

Page 60~

Simmons William H. house-carpenter, Union
Skinner Augustus, cabinet-maker, Union, 4 Weybosset
Slack David B, physician and surgeon, 273 North Main
Slack Samuel S. house-carpenter, 161 Westminster
Slocum Amasa, rope-maker, West
Slocum John, labourer, 225 South Main
Small Benoni, mariner, 230 South Main
Small Simeon, comb-maker, 152 Benefit, Transit
Smart Mrs. Sarah, 100 Westminster
Smith Aaron, tailor, 6 South Main, over 132½  North Main
Smith Alanson, cabinet-maker, Stewart
Smith Azariah, mariner, Page
Smith Benjamin, Ben-street  (might be Benefit - this is how it was entered)
Smith Benjamin, brown bread baker, 14 Pawtuxet
Smith Charles, labourer, 255 North Main
Smith Charles, wheelwright, 67½ Westminster
Smith Charles, jun. 71 Westminster
Smith Christopher, merchant tailor, 13 Market Square,  44 Broad
Smith Edward, shoemaker, 20 North Main, 45 Pawtuxet
Smith George, grocer, Charles, Martin
Smith Mrs. Henry, Orms
Smith Hezekiah, saddler and harness-maker, 90 High
Smith John, house-carpenter, rear of Angell
Smith John, 191 North Main
Smith John K. grocer, 191 North Main
Sinith John, 2d, colourer, Charles
Smith John I. saddler and harness-maker, 107 High
Smith John P. chair-store, 81 Weybosset
Smith John W. dry goods, 49 and 142 Westminster
Smith Joseph, confectioner, 87 Westminster
Smith Joseph, labourer, 293 North Main
Smith Misses Marcy and Sally, Orms
Smith Martin, grocer, Charles, Orms
Smith Michael, labourer, Page
Smith Mrs. 68 Broad
Smith Mrs. Sexton
Smith Nathaniel, cashier Roger William's Bank, 58 Benefit
Smith Noah, jun. accountant, 222 North Main
Smith Phebe, 8 Pawtuxet
Smith Reuben, jun. mariner, Ship
Smith Richard M. agent Beaver Hat Company,  41 Market, 10
Smith Samuel J. 77 Westminster
Smith Stephen C. shoe-store, 71 Westminster
Smith Stephen H. merchant, 75 Benefit
Smith Mrs. Susannah, Page

Page 61~

Smith Mrs. Abigail, 58 Benefit
Smith Roswell C. preceptor, Aborn, Pine
Smith Thomas & George, grocers, Charles
Smith Turpin, 33 Broad
Smith William, mariner, Transit
Smith William, house-carpenter, Transit
Smith William, bleacher, John
Smith William A. coach and chaise-maker, Steeple, 289 North Main
Smith William B. barber, 83 and rear 107 North Main
Smith William H. clerk, S.J. Court, Court house, 36 Benefit
Snow Amos, clerk, 13 Market, 104 Broad
Snow Benjamin, house-carpenter, 42 High
Snow Caleb, Claverick
Snow Daniel, house-carpenter, 30 Chesnut
Snow Daniel, jun. 30 Chesnut
Snow Mrs. Francis R. H. Benevolent
Snow George T. grocer, 119 Broad, Foster's lane
Snow James, house-carpenter, Stewart
Snow James, grocer, 103 Broad
Snow John, messenger, Branch Bank, 23 South Main, Pine
Snow John, grocer, 76 North Main
Snow John L. shoemaker, 3 and 30 Chesnut
Snow Joseph G. house-carpenter, 108 Broad
Snow Joseph house-carpenter, Foster's lane
Snow Joseph, baker, 30 Chesnut
Snow Jeremiah, Thurber's mills, North End
Snow Mrs. Mehitable, Thurber's mills, North End
Snow Mrs. Olive, 187 North Main
Snow Peter W. mariner, Benevolent
Snow Mrs. R. 72 Broad
Snow Mrs. Rebecca, Smith
Snow Richard, house-carpenter, Friendship
Snow Samuel, 72 Broad
Snow Samuel, 45 High
Snow Miss Susan, tailoress, 84 Westminster
Snow Thomas, cigar-maker, 28 Chesnut
Snow William, 52 Benefit
Snow William. C. accountant, Sabin
Snow William D. house-carpenter, corner Ship & Field
Somers Severn, machine-maker, Bark, Charles
Sottle Mrs. 241 South Main
Soule Henry, grocer, 75 North Main, 59 Benefit
Soule Samuel, 59 Benefit

Page 62~

Soule Mrs. Sugar lane
Soule Mrs. Cornelius, 38 Broad
Southworth Ephraim, 36 South Water, 110 South Main
Spalding Miss Anna, 176 Benefit
Spalding _________, 5 Westminster
Spear William S.  printer, over 4 Market Square
Spencer Christopher V. tailor, 8 Market Square,  22 Broad
Spencer Dexter, baker, 91 Broad
Spencer Gideon, 30 High
Spencer & Whitman, grocers, 103 High
Spencer Mrs. Mary, Hydraulion
Spencer Moses, butcher, rear 94 Broad
Spencer Wanton W. barber, 32 and 196 South Main
Spooner Joshua, North Main, 46 Westminster
Spooner Seth, baker, 17 Chesnut
Sprague George W. under 7 and 9 Market Square, 148 North Main
Sprague Jason, schoolmaster, John
Sprague Miss Mary D. preceptress, over 186 North Main
Sprague Mrs. 281 North Main
Sprague Misses Sally and Eliza, tailoresses, over 186 North Main
Sprague Thomas, cotton manufacturer, 38 High
Sprague Thomas, house-carpenter, Claverick
Stafford Chris. R. 20 South Water, 59½ Westminster
Stafford C. R. & Co. commission merchants, 20 SouthWater
Stafford & Shaw Misses, mantua-makers, 145 North Main
Stafford Thomas H. 20 South Water, Mathewson
Stanley William W. rope-maker, 10 High
Staples Samuel, mariner, 29 Chesnut
Staples Samuel, house-carpenter, 44 and 38 Benefit
Staples Samuel, jun. house-carpenter, 38 Benefit
Staples William R. attorney, 3 South Main, Smith
Stayner Edward, shoemaker, 4 Market Square
Steere Enoch, shoe-store, 49 Cheapside, Wickenden
Steere Jonah, saddler, 107 North Main, 54 Benefit
Steib John, mariner, Meeting
Stephens Nathaniel, tobacconist, Transit
Stephens Walter, rigger, Hill
Sterry Cyprian, 25 South Main
Sterry Miss, preceptress, 25 South Main
Stetson James, shoemaker, 162 North Main
Stetson Mrs. Mary, 233 Benefit
Stewart Charles, boarding-house, 59½ Westminster

Page 63~

Stewart Gilbert, shoemaker, 399 North Main
Stickland Aaron T. bar-keeper, 10 High
Stillwell Abraham, accountant, in U. Bank, Wickenden
Stillwell Abraham H. book-binder, 2 Market Square, Eddy
Stillwell Nicholas, hard and tin ware, 47 South Main, Sheldon
Stimson & Hodges, grocers, 4 South Water, 19 Weybosset
ST. JOHN'S LODGE, over Market-house
Stockbridge __________, gunsmith, Eddy
Stoddard Harding
W., blacksmith, 181 South Main, Transit
Stoddard Joseph, blacksmith, 370 North Main
Stoddard Mrs. Nancy, 5 Washington
Stoddard Samuel, house-carpenter, Atwell's avenue.
Stoddard Thomas, labourer, rear of Wickenden
Stoddard William, house-carpenter, Field
Stone James, grocer and butcher, 305 North Main
Stone Newell, 288 North Main
Stone Samuel, chaise and harness-maker, 17 Westminster
Stone Samuel, jun. house-carpenter, Sabin
Stone Thomas, cabinet-maker, 128½ North Main
Storer William, blacksmith, 181 and 172 South Main
Stow Francis, wheelwright, Butler's wharf, 32 Weybosset
Stow S. mantua-maker and tailoress, 32 Weybosset
Stow Samuel, truckman, 127 Broad
Stow Samuel, jun. house-carpenter, rear of 66 Broad
Studley Major, labourer, 208 South Main
Studley Mrs. 241 South Main
Sturtevant Lemuel, house-carpenter, Hill
Sturtevant Wm. H. attorney, over 12 Market Square, 51 George
Stymer Martin, blacksmith, rear 17 Westminster, Bark
Sullivan Cornelius, mariner, 211 South Main
Sumner John N. inn-keeper, High
Sutton Oliver, musician, North
Sutton Russell, rope-maker, Hill
Sutton William, musician, India Point
Sutton William, jun. labourer, India Point
Svenson Swan A. morocco-dresser, rear 21 Westminster
Swan Peter, labourer, Transit
Sweet Benajab, garden-seeds, &c. 200 and 204 High
Sweet David, mariner, West
Sweet Gideon, butcher, Wickenden
Sweet Jesse B. grocer, 189 North Main, Smith
Sweet Joseph, dry goods, 25 Westminster, Mathewson
Sweet Menzies, house-carpenter, rear 111 South Main, John
Sweet Michael, teamster, Well

Page 64~

Sweet Nancy, Transit
Sweet Otis, jeweller, North Court, 77 Benefit
Sweetland Daniel, labourer, 236 Benefit
Sweetland Miss, boarding-house, 46 Westminster
Sylvester Amos, truckman, Field
Synja Jacob, mariner, Transit

Tabor Constant, laborer, rear of 189 North Main
Taber Otis, house-carpenter, 157 Chesnut
Taber Pardon, jeweller, Hydraulion, Richmond
Taber Samuel M. jeweller, 55 Westminster,  44 Chesnut
Taber Thomas, ship-carpenter, Eddy
Taft Adolphus, 86 High
Taft Gravener, preceptor, 3d dis. pub. school, 34 Chesnut
Taft Hazleton, 99 Broad
Taft & Joslin, grocers, 9 South Water, 251 North Main
Taft Sweeting, 9 South Water, 251 North Main
Talbot Ephraim, manufacturer, 12 and 114 Westminster
Talbot Mrs. 444 North Main
Talbot Mrs., 40 Broad
Talman Benjamin, Eddy
Talman Benjamin, jun. ship-carpenter, Eddy
Talman Edward, ship-carpenter, Eddy
Talman Moses, ship-carpenter, South
Talman William, house-carpenter, Eddy
Tanner Eliza, millenary, 28 North Main, 67 Benefit
Tanner William G. cigar maker, Randall
Tarp John, ship-carpenter, West
Tasker John, machine-maker, 388 North Main
Taylor Abiel, house-carpenter, Union
Taylor Allen F. 31 Broad
Taylor Andrew, 31 Broad
Taylor Mrs. Ann, 195 North Main
Taylor B & G. A. dry goods, 5 Cheapside, Pine
Taylor Cyrus, house-carpenter, Richmond
Taylor Edward, Thomas
Taylor Mrs. Elizabeth, 286 North Main
Taylor F. W. clerk, Hydraulion, 31 Broad
Taylor Galen, cabinet-maker, 115½ South Main
Taylor George,
comb-maker, 152 Benefit, Arnold
Taylor G. W.  grocer and commercial store, 17 Weybosset, 31 Broad
Taylor John, accountant, 23 South Main, 109 Westminster
Taylor John, house-carpenter, rear of 111 South Main, Transit

Page 65~

Taylor Josiah, Pine
Taylor Mrs. Nancy, 217 South Main
Taylor Nathaniel stone-cutter, Peck's wharf, cor. Friendship & Richmond
Taylor Mrs. P. 90 Westminster
Taylor Mrs.
Rebecca, 109 Westminster
Taylor Richard, labourer, corner of Benefit and Wickenden
Taylor, Richard, mariner, 236 Benefit
Taylor Steuben, preceptor, Charles Field, 37 Weybosset
Taylor Theodore, grocer, 25 and 45 Weybosset
Taylor William, mariner, 217 South Main
Taylor William R. jeweller, 42 Westminster
Teel Mrs. Zilpha, preceptress, Snow
Tefft Daniel, rear of 61 Broad
Tefft Mrs. Experience, Field
Tefft Samuel, blacksmith, Eddy, Parsonage
Tefft Thomas, mariner, Field
Temple Peter, currier, rear of 53 Cheapside, 56 North Main
Temple Richard, shoe-store, 7 Market, 10 Westminster
Temple Timothy, shoe-store, 14 North Main, 7 George
Tew John, tanner, Charles, Star
Tew Mrs. millener, 73 Westminster
Tew W. mariner, 73 Westminster
Tew Thomas, morocco-dresser, rear of 21 Westminster, Aborn
Terrill Nathan H. comb-maker, 152 Benefit, Benevolent
Thayer John, 115 North Main
Thayer Seth, mariner, Arnold
Thayer Mrs. Rebecca, 60 George
Thayer William C. house-carpenter, Neck
Thomas Mrs Charlotte, Arnold
Thomas David, 62 Westminster
Thomas Mrs. Harriet, Wickenden
Thomas J. dry goods, 79 and 59 Westminster
Thomas Mrs. Lydia, Front
Thompson Mrs. Bathsheba, Foster's lane
Thompson Benjamin, ship-carpenter, Ann
Thompson Edward K cashier Providence Bank, 48 South Main
Thompson Mrs. Rebecca, 60 South Main
Thompson Peter, inn-keeper, 77 North Main
Thompson Thomas, merchant, 75 Benefit
Thornton Gideon, 19 South Main, Hopkins
Thornton Henry, silversmith, Claverick
Thornton & Lothrop, manufacturers, 19 South Main

Page 66~

Thornton Pardon, mason, 119 Broad
David,  mariner, Ship
Thorp James, house-carpenter, Richmond
Thorp John, machine-maker, Randall
Thurber Mrs. Ann, 339 North Main
Thurber Charles L. blacksmith, North Water, Charles
Thurber Dexter, manufacturer, 429 and 415 North Main
Thurber Darius, 57 Chesnut
Thurber Darius, jun. oysterman, Hill
Thurber Edward,, mariner, Wickenden
Thurber Ephraim, ship-joiner, 65 Weybosset
Thurber Fayette, bonnet-maker, 239 North Main
Thurber Isaac, manufacturer, 431 North Main
Thurber Jacob B. grocer, 113 and 94
Thurber James, justice of peace, 221 North Main
Thurber James, 2d, oyster-cellar, cor. West Water and Market, 107 Broad
Thurber John, ship-carpenter, Field
Thurber Mrs. Mary, Mill
Thurber Relief, grocer, 306 North Main
Thurber Samuel, 431 North Main
Thurber Samuel, oysterman, 115 Westminster
Thurber Samuel, jun. mariner, 4 Washington
Thurber William & Stanton, blacksmiths, 103 Benefit, Angell
Thurber William, ship-joiner, Clemence
Thurston Edward, watchman, 3 Pawtuxet
Thurston John, house-carpenter, North Water
Tibbitts Charles N. attorney, market-bouse, Benevolent
Tibbitts Timothy, Planet
Tillinghast Mrs. Ann, 34 Benefit
Tillinghast Charles, mariner, Transit
Tillinghast Charles F. attorney, 39 Market, 69 Benefit
Tillinghast Daniel P. mariner, Well
Tillinghast George H. druggist, 19 South Main, 91 Westminster
Tillinghast J. sail-maker, over 111 South Water, 213 Benefit
Tillinghast Joseph, tailor, 191 South Main
Tillinghast Joseph L. attorney, 12 Market Square, 69 Cheapside
Tillinghast Miss Martha, Well
Tillinghast Stephen, sec. M. Insurance Company, 4 Market, 91 Westmister
Tillinghast William, rear of 189 South Main
Tillinghast William I. barber, 22 North Main, 108 Pawtuxet
Tilson James, shoemaker, 20 North Main, 105 Benefit
Tingley Elisha, dry goods, 6 Market Square, 65 Cheapside
Tingley Nathan, merchant, 75 Benefit
Tingley Silvanus & Samuel, stone-cutters, 10 North Water, Benevolent

Page 67~

Tisdale ______, silversmith, Charles, 248 North Main.
Tobey Samuel B. assist. teacher Friends' boarding school
Tobey Rev. Zalmon, 415 North Main
Tompkins George S. watchmaker, &c. 63 Cheapside, 116 North Main
Tompkins Ichabod, jeweller, Hydraulion, 97 Broad
Torrey David, physician and surgeon, 133 South Main, 22 George
Torrey Josiah, shoemaker, 30 North Main, Pine
Torrey Nicholas, house-carpenter, Pine
Tourtellot Amasa R. machine-maker, Bark, Mill
Towers Misses, tailoresses, 92 Westminster
Townsend S. & Co. manufacturers wool hat bodies, 103 South Main
Townsend Solomon, 103 South Main, Brown
Townsend William H. 103 South Main, Brown
Trafton Elias B. caulker, 248 South Main
Trask Stephen, under 6 Market Square, 118 Broad
Tripp Abial, house-carpenter, rear 82 South Water, Wickenden
Tripp Abner, labourer, Angell
Tripp Edward R. grocer, Charles
Tripp John, mariner, corner of Elm and Hospital
Tripp John, 120 High
Tripp Major, truckman, 74 Broad
Tripp Mrs. 86 Broad
Tripp Othniel, 120 High
Tripp Samuel, mariner, between Union and Clemence
Tripp Stephen, manufacturer, 23 Weybosset, 133 Westmister
Trueman John, house-carpenter, Wickenden
Trueman Mrs. Mary, Union
Trumbull Henry, printer, 26 and 34 High
Truesdell Thomas, grocer, Hydr
aulion, 104 Westminster
Tuels Thomas L. hatter, Charles, 380 North Main
Turner Amos, mariner, Front
Turner Mrs. Hannah, over 1 Broad
Turner Mrs. confectionary, 118 Broad
Turner Thomas blacksmith, Dorrance, over I Broad,
Turpin Benjamin, tanner and currier, 46 High
Turpin John P. confectionary, 53 Cheapside
Turpin Joseph W. grocer, 41 High
Turrell Nathan H. comb-maker, 152 Benefit, Benevolent
Tuttle Job N. victualler, under 6 Market Square, 108 Benefit
Tyler George J. accountant, 46 Weybosset
Tyler John, hatter, 100 Pawtuxet
Tyler Joseph, hatter, Hydraulion, North Main
Tyler Mrs. Neck

Page 68~

Tyler Solomon, mariner, Arnold
Tyler William, 46 Weybosset
Tyler William J. clerk, 11 South Main, Arnold