1824  Providence City Directory - "U-V-W-X-Y-Z"

Page 68~
Underwood Edward S. painter, 96 South Water, cor. Thayer and John
UNION BANK, 10 Market
Updike Richard S. accountant, 8 Weybosset, Pawtuxet
Utley Leander, physcian and surgeon, 133 and 141 Broad

Valentine James, grocer, 91 and 139 North Main
Valentine William, 76 High
Van Alstine John, comb-maker, 152 Benefit, Benevolent
Vaughan Bowen, house-carpenter, 102 and 148 High
Vaughan Gardner, shoemaker, President, Meeting
Vaughan Wanton, house-carpenter, 102 and 148 High
Vaughan Mrs. 9 Broad
Veazie Joseph, wholesale manufacturer jewelery, 218 and
234 North Main
Veazie Samuel, jeweller, 218 and 234 North Main
Vial Benjamin, labourer, Angell
Vinson David, grocer, Hill
Vinton Amos M. auctioneer and commission merchant, 48 South Main, 184 Benefit
Vinton Mrs. Mary, 184 Benefit
Vinton George W. confectioner, North Water
Vinton Oliver, shoemaker, Smith

Wade Edward C. blacksmith, Front, John
Wade Ichabod, blacksmith, corner of West and Front
Walcott George W. 142 Westminster
Walford Alexander, painter, 32 Pawtuxet
Walford Mrs. Sarah, 279 North Main
Walker Appleton, 27 South Water, Charles Field
Walker David, blacksmith, 271 North Main, Olney's lane
Walker Miss Eliza, preceptress, 22 George
Walker Elijah, grocer, 73 Weybosset
Walker Gilbert, boarding-house, over 17 Market
Walker Mrs. Mary, 145 Westminster
Walker Seth J. iron moulder and blacksmith, Eddy
Walker Waterman, tallow-chandler, tan-yard, 48 High
Wall William, house-carpenter, rear 111 South Main, Power
Ward Mrs. Eliza, 1 George .
Wardwell John, clerk, 67 Weybosset, Friendship

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Wardwell Josiah, 67 Weybosset, Pine
Wardwell Stephen, 67 Weybosset, 18 Chesnut
Wardwell Stephen & Co, grocers, 67 Weybosset
Wardwell Stephen S. accountant, 6 Market, 18 Chesnut

Warner Amos, rope-maker, Transit
Warner Mrs. Ann, near Charles
Warner Benajah, ship-carpenter, cor. of Eddy and Ship
Warner James M. jeweller, 149 Westminster
Warner John, Sugar lane
Warner Mrs. 85 Broad
Warren John, inn-keeper, 168 High
WASHINGTON HOTEL,   rear of 4 Weybosset
Waterman Amasa, 165 High
Waterman Mrs. Tan-yard
Waterman Miss, mantua-maker, 126 Broad
Waterman Nathan, 40 and 87 North Main
Waterman Nathan, jun. Cashier U. S. B. B. 23 South Main
Waterman Richard, paper and oil store, 14 West Water, Bowen
Waterman Resolved, 2d, High
Waterman Rufus, tallow-chandler, 85 North Main
Waterman Mrs Sarah, over 42 North Main
Waterman Stephen, merchant, 6 Weybosset, 37 Broad
Waters William B. tinman, 22 and 34 Westminster
Watson & Rathbone, merchants, 33 Cheapside
Watson Matthew, 33 Cheapside, 138 Benefit
Weatherbee Mrs. Lucinda, 3 Pawtuxet
Weatherbee Rich. stone-cutter, Peck's wharf, 43 Chesnut
Weatherbee Thomas W. baker, Transit
Weatherhead Samuel, 69 Broad
Weaver Caleb, oysterman, between Front and Hill
Weaver Daniel, truckman, 290 North Main
Weaver Joseph, house-carpenter, Planet
Weaver Joshua, carter, 228 North Main
Weaver Nathan, house-carpenter, Clemence
Weaver William, oysterman, between Front and Hill
Webb Adrian, cabinet-maker, 80 Benefit, 105 North Main
Webb Mrs. A. T. millener, 105 North Main
Webb Mrs. Hetty, 80 Westminster

Webb John, labourer, John
Weeden B. D. & Co. commision merchant, 33 Market
Weeden Benjamin D. 33 Market, 38 Broad
Weeden Mrs. Deborah, 38 Benefit
Weeden George, over 33 Market
Weeden George E. 345 North Main

Page 70~

Weeden Henry D. baker, rear of 33 Market over 2 Weybosset
Weeden William, accountant, 172 Benefit
Weldon Samuel, mariner, Thurber's mills
Wells Belzeman, comb-maker, 152 Benefit, Benevolent
Wells Elisha C. tailor, 2 South Main, John
Wells Mrs. Susannah, rear of 143 Westminster
Welles William A. printer, Gazette office, cor. Pine & Potter
Wesson Abel, jun. Coffee-House, over 2 North Main
Wesson Samuel, victualler, under 6 Market Square, 108 Benefit
Wesson & Tuttle, victuallers, under 6 Market Square
West Ansel, labourer, rear of Wickenden
West Darius, labourer, Sabin, Federal
West Enoch, house-carpenter, Transit
West Joseph, mariner, South
West William, rope-maker, corner of Field and South
West William, jun. , rope-maker, corner of Field and South
Westcott Caleb, accountant, 48 South Water, Transit
Westcott Ezbon, ship-carpenter, South
Westcott Henry, 7 Cheapside, 54 Westminster
Westcott James, mason, Elm
Westcott James, tailor, 9 Cheapside, 122 South Main
Westcott Miss, tailoress, College
Westcott John, Sugar lane
Westcott Samuel, mariner, College
Westcott & Rathbone, dry goods, 7 Cheapside
Westcott Samuel, jun. mariner, Thayer
Westcott Mrs. Sarah, 17 Chesnut
Westcott Thomas, mariner, 236 Benefit
Westcott, Thomas I. mariner, cor. Benefit & Wickenden
Wetmore C. J. portrait and miniature painter, 146 South Main
Wetmore Samuel, 122 South Water, 202 South Main
Wetmore W. W. clerk, 122 South Water, over 22 Market Square
Wheaton Benjamin, custom-house officer, 316 North Main
Wheaton Caleb & Son, watch-makers, 81 and 165 North Main
Wheaton Edward, house-carpenter, Charles
Wheaton Ephraim, 316 North Main
Wheaton Godfrey, watch-maker, 102 North Main, Meeting
Wheaton James, saddler and harness maker, 222 North Main
Wheaton James jr. , coppersmith, 113 South Main, 316 North Main
Wheaton James, 3d, grocer, 113 North Main
Wheaton Levi, physician and surgeon, Thomas
Wheaton Samuel, 1 Weybosset, 36 Westminster
Wheaton Seth, Pres.
U. S. B. Bank, 135 North Main
Wheaton Sylvester, 113 North Main
Wheaton & Anthony, grocers, 1 Weybosset

Page 71
Wheeler Bennett H. Editor Patriot, 12 Market Square, 80 Broad
Wheeler Russell, near Charles
Wheeler Samuel G. N. Y. hat-store, 13 Market, 81 Pawtucket
Wheeler Samuel M. tallow-chandler, 85 North Main, President

Wheeler Samuel W. grocer, 110½ and 136 Westminster
Wheelock Joseph, cashier Merchants' Bank, 88 Pawtuxet
Whipple Arnold, jeweller, 319 North Main
Whipple Cyrus, machine-maker, Bark, Charles
Whipple David, hat-store, 31 Market, 58 Westminster
Whipple Mrs. Deborah, 216 North Main
Whipple Eleazer, yeoman, 283 North Main
Whipple Ethan, grocer, 156 and 148 North Main
Whipple Jabez, 319 North Main
Whipple Jeremiah, grocer, 181 North Main
Whipple John, attorney, market-house, College
Whipple John H. constable, 246 North Main
Whipple Leonidas, painter, 49 Broad, Field
Whipple Mrs. Nancy, near Charles
Whipple Mrs. Naomi, dry goods, 200 North Main
Whipple Miss Zilpha, 18 Benefit
Whitaker Josiah & Co. jewelry, fancy goods and combs, 55 Cheapside
Whitaker Josiah, 55 Cheapside, Benevolent
Whitaker Thomas, crockery and glass, 1 Market, 23 George
Whitam Moses, house-carpenter, Ship
Whitfield Samuel, weaver, near Charles
Whiting John, labourer, Smith
Whiting Joseph C. , 50 High
Whitington Mrs. , Middle
Whitman Benjamin K. 100 High
Whitman Daniel Y. wheelwright, Transit
Whitman Jacob, auctioneer, 185 High
Whitman Jonathan, High
Whitmash Thomas & Samuel, merchant tailors, 21 Market Square
Whitmore Jesse, constable, 187 North Main
Whitmore James, house-carpenter, Ship
Whitney Hercules, druggist, 18 and 37 Weybosset
Whitney William, morocco-dresser, rear 21 Westminster, Aborn
Wickson Chris. comb-maker, 152 Benefit, 175 South Main
Wight Miss Mary, milliner, 117 North Main
Wilbour John, mariner, Eddy
Wilbour William, mason, Pine
Wilbur Mrs. Hopkins
Wilbur Melvin, shoemaker, 89 and 148 North Main
Wilbur Sayles, mason, 212 North Main

Page 72~

Wilbur Thomas B. grocer, 24 Weybosset, 5 Westminster
Wilcox Isaac, book-binder, 5 Market Square, William
Wilcox Jeremiah, oysterman, Front
Wilcox Leonard, victualling cellar, 1 North Water, foot of Union
Wilcox William, labourer, Richmond
Wild Daniel, jun. 87 Benefit
Wilder John, inn-keeper, 18 Market Square
Wilkey Miss A. E. tailoress, 95 South Main
Wilkey Samuel, grocer, 95 South Main
Wilkinson Arnold, reed-maker, 102 Westminster, 10 High
Wilkinson Russell, ship-carpenter, Elm
Wilkinson Varnum, ship-carpenter, Elm
Wilkinson William, 11 George
Willard Mrs. E. preceptress, 12 George
Willard Hezekiah, blacksmith, Charles, Cady's lane
Willard Nahum, 17½ Westminster
Willard Nathan, labourer, Eddy
Willey John, twine-spinner, Power
Williams Caleb, grocer and cotton manufacturer, 99 High
Williams Caleb, carter, Smith
Williams Caleb, jun. 99 High
Williams Edward S. 99 High
Williams Gardner, grocer, 47 High
Williams Henry, wheelwright, 67½ Westminster
Williams James, blacksmith, 130 and 151 High
Williams Jarvis, labourer, near Charles
Williams Jason, 40 South Water, boarding-house, 51 George
Williams Josiah, butcher, 106 High
Williams Mrs. 48 High
Williams Olney, grocer, 51 Weybosset
Williams Otis, 51 High
Williams Peleg , 121 High
Putnam Williams, ship-carpenter, cor. of Field & South
Williams Stephen, mason, 13 Pawtuxet
Williams Stephen, house-carpenter, Pine
Williams Mrs. Susan, 51 High
Williams Thomas, house-carpenter, 155 High
Williams Rev. Thomas, Friendship
Williams William G. dry goods, 41 Westminster, Mathewson
Williamson Peter, mariner, 217 South Main
Willington Ebenezer, blacksmith, Eddy, Weybosset
Wilmarth John, yeoman, Shore
Wilmarth Stephen, jailer, rear of 113 North Main
Wilson Rev. James,  Ship

Page 73~

Wilson James jun. Ship
Wilson Jesse
, cabinet-maker, over 6 North Water, 130 North Main
Wilson John accountant, 29 Cheapside, 79 Broad
Wilson Mrs. Lydia, grocer, 273 North Main
Wilson Mrs. , Ship
Wilson Mrs. Sarah, Angell
Wilson William T. shoemaker, 161 South Main, Planet
Winckley Miss Catherine, weaver, Charles
Winman Mrs. Betsey, Ann
Winship Jonathan, High
Winsor Mrs. Patience, 162 Benefit
Winslow Henry, mariner, Eddy
Winslow Mrs. 58 Weybosset
Winslow Job, shoemaker, 69 Broad
Winslow John L. shoemaker, rear of 32 Pawtuxet
Witter Josiah, boarding-house, 11 Pawtuxet
Wood J. B. broker, 12 Market Square, President
Wood Mrs. Martha, tailoress, 67 High
Wood Timothy, house-carpenter, 159 North Main
Woodward Luther, iron-founder, Randall
Woodward Miss Polly, between Front and Hill
Woodward William, rope-maker, Transit
Woodward William jr. grocer, 174 South Main, Transit
Work Ward, butcher, 97 Pawtuxet
Wright Thomas, mason, Ben  (could be Benefit or Benevolent ?)
Wyatt Samuel, labourer, Ann

No Names beginning with X

Yates Joseph, 51 Cheapside, 257 North Main
Yates S. & S. painters, Thomas
Yates Samuel, painter and glazier, 257 North Main
Yates Seth, painter, Thomas, 24 Benefit
Yates Thomas, house-carpenter, 255 North Main
Yerrinton James, house-carpenter and machine-maker, Mill, Charles
Yerrinton James B. printer, Gazette office, cor. Pine & Potter
Young Mrs. Cynthia, Field
Young Daniel, labourer, Atwell's avenue
Young Edward R. grocer, 24 Market Square, Union
Young Mrs. Huldah, near Smith
Young James, mariner South
Young Joseph G. rope-maker, Plane
Young Samuel, grocer 107 Westminster
Young Samuel S. mariner, 105 Westminster

Page 74
Young Sheldon, under
13 Market Square, Steeple
Young Stephen, yeoman, Sexton
Young William, mariner, Planet
Young William, laborer, Field

No names beginning with Z

The following names were not received in season to be
inserted in the places where they respectively belong.

Clovis, H. grocer, 42 and 65 North Main
Brown Cushing, Charles
Carpenter, Mrs. Mary Field
2 Weybosset
HOUSE, corner of Market Square & College
Accidentally omitted.
49 South Water
Davis Abraham, trader, 122 South Main
GLOBE TAVERN, 81 Benefit
Grinnell George, 37
S. Main, 126 Westminster
South Water
Thomas, Anthony's wharf
Harris John
S. cigar-maker, 90 High
Hicks Henry, 138 High
Lyndon Danforth
P. Benefit
Rickard Alfred, preceptor, Pine
Ainsworth Luther, preceptor, from 4 Market Square, to over 39 Market street
Billings Samuel, tobacconist, from
7 South Water to 35 South Main
Dunnell J. & Co., from 16 to 51 South Water
Copartnerships dissolved.
Dix & S
avil, house-carpenters, business continued by Frederick Dix, 112 Benefit
T. J. & W. E. Clarke, painters, business continued by Wm. E. Clarke, 78 North Main
Andrews Mrs. 101 North Main only should stand against this name
Hardenberg Jacob should be
210 instead of 83 High
Johnson Ebenezer should be
13 Westminster, not 13 Broad
Manran Joseph,
dele the C.
Quannan John should be Quarman John