Sacred to the Memory
 Son of the late
 John & Marcy Field,
& the last of that family,
 was born in Cranston, R.I.
 Oct 26, 1781,
died in Providence,
 Aug. 6, 1860,
Aged 78 years, 9 month
 & 11 days.

Father  thou  hast  gone  to  rest,
Thy  cares  and  toils  are  o'er;
Sorrow,  pain  or  suffering,
Will  ne'er  distress  thee  more.
  We  leave  in  peace  thy  precious  dust
 Since  in  God's  care  it  lies;
 Till  he  the  bands  of  death  shall  burst,
And  take  it  to  the  skies.