Pawtucket file-makers file-smiths & file-manufacturers
* Attention fellow tool collectors, wood workers, or metal workers:
We need your help in locating examples of files or rasps made by any of the following
file-makers from Pawtucket, Rhode Island. It is our hope to post images of their
marks in the same way that we have posted marks by wood plane and wood clamp makers.
Perhaps by looking at the ones you might have lurking around your workshop,
and then maybe at flea markets and yard sales. We can be contacted at
Thank you!

1857  This first Pawtucket directory has no separate file-making category ; a page by page search found no file-makers listed; no Pawt. directories were issued between 1857 and 1869. Firms are listed in chronological order as found in the directories. We have attempted to list only manufacturers, not file-cutters. There are perhaps hundreds of individual file-cutters listed from 1857-1900 in Pawtucket/Central Falls directories who are working for other large companies such as "The American File Company."

1869-70  Aaron Chambers & Co.( Aaron Chambers & S. Gano Benedict), filemanuf., Hill, cor Church;  1871 Aaron Chambers & Son, (Aaron and Charles J. Chambers) file-manuf. cor. Church & Hill ;1872 Chambers' File Co., Aaron Chambers, agt., Church cor. Hill (see ads) *Note: No firm bearing the Chambers name appears after 1872 in Pawtucket.

1871 American File Co., Dexter near Rand, C.F. *Note: although this is the first directory to list the American File Co. in RI, an 1876 RI Supreme Court ruling seems to indicate that the American File Co. was relocated from Baltimore to C.F., RI in or around 1862; 1872-76 American File Co., 152 Dexter, C.F.;1877-86 New American File Co., Stephen A. Jenks, Pres. & Treas., 152 Dexter, C.F. 1887-90 (change of address to 224 Dexter, C.F.) *Note: Change in name in 1877 to New American File Co.; company bought out by Nicholson File in 1891 but continued to be referred to as the American Works until sometime after 1901.

1872-74 Smith & Buckley, (John Smith & Michael Buckley), file manufac., 8 Dexter (see ad)

1872-74 ( partner in "Smith & Buckley"); (*Note: Michael Buckley first appeared in the 1871 Dir. as a file hardener, most likely working for someone else); 1875 M. Buckley; Dexter n. RR; 1876-77 M. Buckley & Co., file manuf., Dexter n. RR, *Note: was not able to determine who the "&Co" referred to.; 1878-81M.Buckley & Co., rear 28 Dexter; 1882-1886 (directories missing);1887-91M. Buckley, file manuf., rear 40 Dexter; 1892-95 M. Buckley, file manuf.,rear 62 Dexter; 1896-99 M. Buckley & Co., ( Michael, Charles E. and Frank H. Buckley ) file manuf., 62 Dexter. *Note: In the 1895 Dir. Charles E. Buckley is listed as book keeper and Frank H. as foreman. No listing in 1900. (see M.Buckley & Co./Pawtucket mark at right)

1873 Samuel Cope & Co. (Albert T. Baxter), Church cor. Hill 
 *Note: Samuel Cope has taken over the location occupied by the Chambers File Co. in  1872 at Church cor. Hill. Cope may have worked for Chambers
1874-75 Samuel Cope, Church, cor Hill; 1876 Samuel Cope, 11 Slater Ave., (house same - Geo.W.Cope, file-cutter living at same address); 1877-79 Samuel Cope, 61 Mill; 1880 S.Cope File Co., rear 55 Mill; *Note: No Copes in 1881 directory.

1879 Whiteley & Whittaker (Frederick Whiteley & Henry Whittaker), file-manufac., near Dunnell Ave.

1881 Graham & Arnold, rear 55 Mill ( John F. Graham, bds. 56 Broadway) & (Nelson J. Arnold, h. Randall near Mary)

1895  Nicholson File Co. ( American Works ), 474 Dexter, C.F.

1895-1900 John Smith, file-manuf, 49 Merrick (see ad pg.)

1901 Moses Chandler, file-manufac., 49 Merrick; *Note: Moses has taken over shop vacated by John Smith at 49 Merrick (see Smith above)

1903  James Ellis, file-maker, 40 Taft, Pawtucket

*Note:  There were no file-makers listed in 1902, and none from 1904 thru 1907. We elected not to search in any Pawt. directories after 1907.